• Why is Reputation Management Key to Digital Marketing?

    Why is Reputation Management Key to Digital Marketing?

    ORM, in other words Online Reputation Management is a sub part in Digital Marketing. It helps a business organization in increasing or boosting up their sales of products or services in the online market. It also helps the business to increase the traffic of visitors on their website and hence, it will directly help you to increase sales. Generally, ORM or Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing helps the business in the most effective manner as it helps them to avoid negative comments or feedbacks placed by the customers. The negative feedbacks and comments automatically degrade the reputation of the product or service in the market. Bad reputation means that the business is not up to the mark and it will directly affect the performance of the business and is not generating enough income. Here is the list of some of the reasons so as to why the reputation of your product or service comes down. Have a look on these reasons:

    • Firstly, the visitors look for adequate and relevant information about the products and services on the website. And if your website is not serving its users with full, adequate and relevant information to their visitors, then customers try to search them on the other websites.
    • Next thing that determines the customer's response is the quality of products and services you are dealing in. If you are dealing in good quality of products and services and are fulfilling the demands and needs of the customers, then the seller will always get a positive response on their website. 
    • Also, the kind of after sales service you give to your customers, determine the quality of comments and feedbacks you get on the website. If your services are poor or are not on time, then it would result in complaints or grievances of the consumers. 
    • Last but not the least, the role of competitors is also very important to bring traffic to your site. Sometimes, the competitors bring in negative publicity to the brand by publishing irrelevant and wrong information about the product or service.


    I think this post is helpful for you to understand why you should notice your online reputation and hire a ORM company in India?

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  • Digital Marketing Strategies and Tips for 2018

    Digital Marketing Strategies and Tips for 2018

    Digital Marketing industry is the only Industry in India which never stops evolving with time. In fact, it evolves from time to time and affects the whole Digital Marketing Industry. The changes in the Digital Marketing Industry is due to the latest customers tastes and preferences, new marketing strategies adopted by global market and it is even because of growth channels of the online market. In today's world of online marketing, various social platforms are available and are spreading like a virus in the market. Even it has become a strong platform for marketing. There has been a steady rise in the social platforms in the internet and it has become an excellent way of reaching out to its targeted audience. A digital marketer observes and inculcates new skills to learn and develop and understand the usage pattern that keeps changing with the time. Below is the list of latest digital marketing trends, strategies and tips for 2018 so that the business can obtain best results:

    Website Speed Optimization: The first and the foremost thing a customer look on a websites is the Website’s loading speed. It is considered that how long your server take for loading your website determines the fate of your business in the online world.

    Focus on Better Conversion Rate: Of course, your business would be getting lots and lots of traffic or visitors in the online market. But if the numbers of visitors or traffic are not converting into sales, then it does not affect you at all.  Some of the important factors such as Meta tags, Heading tags, URL structure, Image tags and many more are some things which are important for a better conversion rates.

    Focus on Brand Building (ORM): As per the latest research conducted on the behavior pattern of the customer, it was conducted that the visitors do not buy the products at their first visit. At their first visit, they observe the brand and services. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on the brand building techniques so that customers can buy their products at first look.

    SEO AIM POINT as a leading digital marketing firm in India follows the advanced strategies and tips of digital marketing, so that your business has more traffic and sale. 


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  • The Top Digital Marketing Trends Of 2018

    The Top Digital Marketing Trends Of 2018

    The trends of digital marketing have evolved over a considerable period of time. It has been observed that there is a rapid improvement in the usage of digital media in 2017 by the small, medium as well as the large scale organizations. Now, the people are taking more interest in the online transactions, online buying and selling of goods and services and many more things. Therefore, it has now boosted up the interest, knowledge and skills of people that are living in the digital world. They are now adapting to various changes such as cashless transactions for all the marketing needs and requirements. 

    In the year 2017, it has been observed that most of the businesses or companies have now accepted the digital marketing trends. Now in 2018, they have now realized the value, effectiveness and ease of digital or online marketing that is useful in expanding and spreading their business across the globe. Now, in 2018, it is the right time to create and implement new strategies of online or digital marketing in India.

    The top digital marketing trends of 2018 are as follows:

    • Today, businessmen are using more videos than images for the promotion and marketing of their products and services. They are using video ads for adding more value to their products and services. It will help the business in increasing their sales.
    • In the year 2018, the companies would find that mobiles will range upwards than computers. It would be used for generating more amount of traffic and that will result in more money transactions as well.
    • It has been noticed that, almost 89% of the total population like to use internet on their smart phones than on the computers or laptops. Now, various companies have launched mobile apps so that they have one more source to increase their sales. 
    • Nearly 99% of the population is engaged in using social media channels such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. Therefore, now most of the companies are using these social media channels for promoting their products and services through these social media channels.


    If you are looking for best digital marketing firm in India, you can hire SEO AIM POINT for better results. 

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  • Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in Bhopal

    Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in Bhopal

    When it comes to digital marketing, it is always challenging for you to learn new technologies, new strategies and implement them in your digital marketing campaign. New technology and changing trends mean that if you don’t regularly research, you’ll be at constant risk of falling behind. The demand of the time is to keep yourself updated with the latest digital marketing trends and discoveries. Use them at the right time and at the right place to expand your business.

    Here are the top 5 digital marketing companies in Bhopal -

    1. SEO AIM POINT WEB SOLUTION PRIVATE LIMITED – SEO AIM POINT is a team of strategists, website designers, online marketing experts who know how to outrank the competitor from market and rank your website. They perform search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing and other marketing services for their clients.

    2. SEOVALLEY SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED - SEOValley is one of the most trusted and leading digital marketing companies in Bhopal. SEOValley has their development centres in Bhopal and Bangalore in India and Marketing offices in USA, UK, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

    3. TBI TECHNOLOGIES  - TBI Technologies offers affordable, scalable and reliable digital marketing services to its worldwide clients. They offer software development, bulk SMS Service, ecommerce website designing & development, Whatsapp Marketing, retail barcoding softwares, logo design, graphic design in Bhopal, Indore, and Raipur, India.

    4. SEOTONIC WEB SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED – SEOTonic is also a leading digital marketing company in Bhopal India. It is companies mission to provide the clients with the expertise necessary to boost their reach, visibility and organic search rankings on engines such as Google and Yahoo. 

    5. RADICAL TECH SUPPORT - Founded in the year 2010, by a small, yet enthusiastic team it is one of the leading digital marketing firms in India. Radical tech Support is Bhopal based web design & development, digital marketing company. We deal with the web market, making up-to-date solution for custom web based internet technology to a large number of sectors. 

    I am very sure, this list will help you hire a top digital marketing company in Bhopal to boost your ranking and traffic. 

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  • Top 60 Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

    Top 60 Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

    Google Analytics is a useful traffic analysis tool provided by the Google. Passing its exam is always challenging and makes a difference in your career. If you are preparing for Google Analytics exam or just wanted to learn it for marketing activities, you can read here top 60 Google Analytics interview questions. We are working 24*7 to find out Google Analytics questions that are expected to be asked in various interviews of Digital marketing.

    Top 60 Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

    1. What is Google Analytics and main purpose of Google Analytics?

    Google Analytics is a web analytics software used to track the traffic on the website. The major purpose of analytics is to analyse the information about the site and make decisions to improve the site traffic and revenue.

    2. What is meant by conversions and how will you track conversions through GA?

    Conversions happens when any predefined goals are accomplished thereby generating ROI to the business. In other words if the user take any desired action on the site, its considered as conversion. For example filling the form, purchasing a product etc. We use Goals in Analytics to set the conversion tracking.

    3. What is a session?

    If a user visits a website the session is started, the session can last for 30 minutes if no activity is done. A new session is started in analytics if your source is changed. For example if a user visits from organic results, one session is started and same user open a same site from PPC, then next session is started.

    4. What is meant by KPI in Analytics?

    KPI means Key Performance Indicators. These metrics helps the business to analyse their websites based on the business objective. Example of KPI: Users, Sessions, Avg Time, Bounce Rate, Conversion rate etc.

    5. What are segments in Analytics?

    Segments are used to define the subset of data in overall data. For example we can create a segment for organic, paid traffic etc.

    6. Can the data change once Google analytics has processed the data?

    No, it cannot change.

    7. What are events in Google Analytics?

    Events are user interactions with content that can be tracked independently from a web page or a screen load. We can create custom events to track downloads, play buttons and ajax load etc.

    8. What are goals and how many goals can we create in analytics?

    A goal defines a completed user activity, called a conversion that contributes to the success of your business. We can have only 20 goals per one web property

    9. What is benchmarking?

    This metric helps us to compare our data with the market aggregated data from relevant industry who share the data anonymously.

    10. What is Bounce Rate?

    The percentage of users who leave the website without visiting any other page is bounce rate. Higher bounce rate is very negative for website, as users are not showing interest in the site.

    11. What is the optimal bounce rate for website? 

    A good bounce rate is around 30% for websites.

    12. What is Funnel in Goals ?

    Series of pages which are expected to be accessed to reach the destination page to complete the goal is defined as funnel. For example a e-commerce website funnel will be like.

    Add to Cart => Signin/Singup => Add Address => Make Payment => Thankyou Page.

    13. Can we delete the goals after created them in Google Analytics?

    No, we cannot delete the goal. But we can stop recording the goal by disabling the goal.

    14. What are custom Events in Google Analytics?

    To track the changes in a specific metric, we can set parameters which can trigger and custom event is created.

    15. What is mean by Users in Analytics?

    It defines the users who have visited the site at least one time in given time frame.

    16. What is meant by Cohort Reports?

    A cohort is a group of users who share a common characteristic that is identified in this report by an Analytics dimension.

    17. What is use of Acquisition Reports?

    We can analyse the source of our traffic to the website. Ex: Organic, PPC, social etc.

    18. What is “Not Provided” data in Keyword Reports?

    The keywords data which is blocked by Google and will not show in Analytics reports. Most of the website is unable to find the exact keywords for which a conversion was happened.

    20. What is meant by Experiments?

    Experiments tool is used to measure the results of campaigns with different design/view. It is also called as A/B testing.

    21. What is attribution in Google Analytics?

    An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touch points in conversion paths. In other words the attribution can help us to know the proper touch points in the funnel.

    22. What is Real-time data in Analytics?

    With this tool we can analyse the present traffic on the site.

    23. Can we separate the users based on devices?

    Yes we can segment the data based on devices.  Under audience reports we can analyse this data.

    24. Can we track Google AdSense data in Google Analytics?

    Yes using Publisher tab we can connect our Google AdSense with Google Analytics

    25. What is Exit rate in Analytics?

    For all page views to the page, Exit Rate is the percentages that were the last in the session. Which means we can analyse the % of users who left the site from particular page? 

    26. What is meant by Average Load Time?

    The avg. amount of the time taken by the website to load it in the browser. The website must be loaded as fast possible for quick loading.

    27. In analytics reports we can sometimes get a lot of spam data from spam sources/domains, how to deal with this issue?

    We can set the filters to avoid all this data from spam sources/domains.

    28. Auto tagging is used in which type of traffic?

    Auto tagging is a feature used in Adwords Campaign Traffic.

    29. What is the formula of ROI?

    ROI stands for Return ON Invest

    The formula of ROI is: (Revenue – Cost) / Cost

    30. What is E-Commerce tracking in Google Analytics?

    Ecommerce tracking is a snippet of code you can include on your site or app to collect transaction data like product sales, purchase amounts, and billing locations, and connect it to your Google Analytics account.

    31. What is category in Google Analytics?

    The Category is at the top of the hierarchy. It’s a way to bundle user activity together.

    “Slideshow”, “Videos”, and “Downloads” are good examples of categories, though you can be as specific or broad as your content requires.

    32. What is Action in Google Analytics?

    The action is literally what the user does. For example let us consider a video player the actions performed on this are play, pause, share, get embed link, etc.

    33. What is Label in Google Analytics?

    Label Provides a bit more information about the user’s action.

    34. What is Search Console and how to link with Google Analytics?

    Search Console can help you understand how users find your site through Google search.

    Identify ways to attract more attention to your site and prioritize development efforts.

    To know more about link your Google analytics with search console: Click Here

    35. What are Network referrals in Google Analytics?

    Identify the networks and communities where people engage with your content. Learn about each community, and identify your best performing content on each network.

    36. Do Google Analytics will track Actual click path of individual visitor or not?

    Yes, Google Analytics will track each and every click and click path of each and individual visitor.

    37. What are cookies in analytics?

    Cookies are the text files which are stored on the client computer.

    38. Difference between Clicks and Visits?

    Click is an action performed on a site or a particular product.

    Users are spending time on site is called visit.

    39. What is the use of Track Page View in Google Analytics?

    Track Page View is used to register a page view in Google Analytics

    40. What is Demographics in Google Analytics?

    Demographics in Google Analytics show the age group of people who is visiting our website.

    41. What are UTM parameters?

    UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. Parameters that are added to url’s in order to tgrack organic traffic referral traffic and cpc(Cost Per Click) traffic.

    42. What is Assisted Conversion?

    When one traffic source results in later goal completion through another traffic source.

    43. Why it is useful to assign a value to your Goal in Google Analytics?                                              

    It is very useful to assign a goal value in Google Analytics that will track actual cost from your conversion

    44.  How can you see where the visitors are clicking most on your website?

    This can be identified or seen with the help of In-Page  Analytics.

    45. How can you find the UA tracking code?

    U.A stands for Universal Analytics. The Universal Analytics tracking code can be found in the admin section of web property.

    46. What are the different elements of Event Tracking in Google Analytics?                           

    There are three elements in event tracking. they are

    I. Categories

    II. Actions

    III. Labels

    47. What is RPC in Google Analytics?

    RPC stands for Revenue Per Click is a metric available in Google Analytics for using of E-Commerce tracking.

    48. How to identify the top or popular pages on my website in Google Analytics?

    To identify the top landing pages on our website by using google analytics got to behavior section. You can find the top 10 trending content on your website.

    49 .How can you identify the keywords that are sending paid traffic to my website?

    The keyword column displays traffic that are coming from organic and paid.

    50. What is event tracking in Google Analytics?

    Event tracking includes the Google Analytics code customization and it is used to track a specific occasion or an action on a website like a tick, download of documents, files, software’s etc.

    51. What is a Search Depth in Google Analytics?

    Search Depth in Google Analytics is the average number of page visitors viewed after performing a search on site.

    52. What are cookies in analytics?

    Cookies are the text files which are stored on the client computer.

    53. What is Cohort Size?

    Cohort determines time frame that is used to determine the size of each cohort.

    54. How many types of custom Reports in Google Analytics?

    There are 3 types of custom Reports in Google Analytics.they are

    I. Explorer

    II. Flat Table

    III. Map overlay

    55. What is Explorer?

    A Standard Google analytics report that consist line graph and data table that include dynamic the elements like search, sort and secondary dimensions.

    56. What is Flat Table?

    A static sortable table that displays that data in rows.

    57. What is Mapoverlay?

    A Map of the world of different regions and countries displaying in darker colours to indicate the traffic and engagement Volume.

    58. What is site search button?

    If you have a site search button on your website. You want to know what the people are searching for when they come to your site.

    This is mainly useful for E-Commerce site.

    59. What is Cohort in Google Analytics?

    Cohort means a group of user who share the same content with same time.

    They are four sections

    I. Cohort type

    II. Cohort size

    III. Metric

    IV. Date range

    60. What is Cohort type?

    The cohort type corresponds to table column that includes total number of users in cohort, currently only one position is available that is acquisition date.

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  • Top 5 SEO Company in Bhopal

    Top 5 SEO Company in Bhopal

    Hello Friends, I know you people were looking for top 5 SEO companies in Bhopal and now, your wait is over, as I am here providing you list of top 5 SEO companies in your city.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing technique used these days by businesses to rank their site over popular search engines. SEO improves visibility, traffic and thus sale of any business. It is indeed a popular and beneficial online marketing technique of 21st Century.

    Here is a list of top 5 SEO firms in Bhopal India:-

    1. SEO AIM POINT WEB SOLUTION PRIVATE LIMITED – SEO AIM POINT WEB SOLUTION PRIVATE LIMITED is a Bhopal based search engine optimization company established by young and dynamic professionals. It offers website design & development, Online Reputation Management, SEO, social media marketing to its clients.

    2. SEOVALLEY SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED - SEOVALLEY SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is a full-service digital marketing company in India. It offers search engine optimization for its clients from more than 20 years and has thousands of clients world-wide. SEOValley™ is regularly awarded and rated by international media agencies.

    3. SEOTONIC WEB SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED - Since its inception in 2006, SEOTonic has become one of the leading SEO companies in India. Their established team of internet marketing professionals provides the best SEO services in India and outside India. Their mission is to provide advanced and effective digital marketing services to boost client’s reach, visibility and organic search ranking.

    4. SEOBEAM INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED - SEOBeam is a leading Internet Marketing company in India. They have many years of experience in internet marketing and they are helping their clients to improve their visibility, ranking and sale through their marketing activities. They believe in getting the best possible results for their client’s at the most competitive prices.

    5. COMDOTZONE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED - ComDotZone Technologies is also a Bhopal based SEO Company. The company can open the gates of this wonderful new world of opportunity that exists on the internet. The specialist employees provide unique strategies and experience to gain rankings and to bring huge amounts of traffic to a website.

    I hope, this blog about top 5 SEO companies will definitely help you while selecting a SEO firm of Bhopal

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  • With SEO Company in Udaipur Get Your Business Found by your Customers

    With SEO Company in Udaipur Get Your Business Found by your Customers

    Did you know more than 90% of the internet users search for the local business before making a purchase of any specific product or services? This is a huge statistic for a business to depend upon the online presence and visibility. If you also owe a local business and feels that having an online presence for a local business is a waste of money. Then stop and think again. SEO Aim Point is the most reputed SEO Company in Udaipur that is delivering tailored SEO services for years and has successfully established many local businesses on the top rank of the search engine to easily get found by the customers who are looking for your product or services in their locality.

    How we establish you among the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs)?

    • Analytics tracking – We can prove you the importance of online presence for local businesses by setting up online web analytics for your website so that you can analyze the number of visitors on your website on regular basis and evaluate the output.
    • Social media optimization (SMO) – Social media is a huge platform and its popularity cannot be avoided and therefore, as a well-established SEO Company in Udaipur we utilize the benefits of social media platform by enhancing your local business visibility on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and other social media channels.
    • On/Off page optimization – We do an On-page optimization by ensuring that all the content, site coding, and tags are working appropriately. We also make use of effective off-page technique to drive more traffic to your website.
    • Keyword analysis – Picking up the right keyword is the most integral part in order to generate maximum out of the effective SEO strategies. We pick the right set of keywords by analyzing what your potential customers are searching on the web and what strategies your competitors are following.  
    • Monthly reports – We are trusted as the best SEO Company in Udaipur as we provide monthly reports to our clients so that they can evaluate the satisfactory results. 

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  • Enjoy the Delights of Online Presence with SEO Company in Vadodara

    Enjoy the Delights of Online Presence with SEO Company in Vadodara

    With the increasing popularity of the internet usage, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making the businesses to be found over the internet. SEO Aim Point is the leading SEO Company in Vadodara serving the clients with their business’s maximum online presence. We are working in the directions to deliver the results meeting the expectations of the client. We understand what online presence is meant for a business to establish its reputation and popularity all around the corners of the globe. We have a family of professionals who is dedicatedly working day and night to generate enormous sales lead and traffic to your business website and assuring the 100% result satisfaction.

    Today, almost every business, whether local or large scale, is having an online presence, but, that is not enough to generate results. Your website needs to be ranked on the top on the SERPs (search engine result pages) and that’s what we are working for. Our team is eager to deliver the best in class results. We do understand that not every business is the same, and thus, as #1 trusted SEO Company in Vadodara, we first analyze your business requirements and then plan the SEO strategies accordingly to meet those requirements.

    Why us?

    We have successfully managed to gain a reputation in the market and have been rated as #1 SEO Company in Vadodara by some extremely popular rating agencies, which makes us more responsible towards our services. We have retained our clients on a long-term basis and many are being added to our client list every now and then. Our clients trust us because we deliver benefits such as:

    100% satisfaction – Our SEO strategies are not same for all and thus, we prepare a customized SEO strategy according to your business requirements which make us capable of delivering 100% satisfaction.

    You get what we commit – We don’t bluff our clients by committing something which cannot be made possible. We believe in the transparency of the relationship and thus, deliver what we commit.

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  • Hire SEO Company in Surat to Ensure Your Company Success

    Hire SEO Company in Surat to Ensure Your Company Success

    SEO has become a crucial part for every business. In earlier times only a few number of companies used this technique to gain a top spot in search engine ranking. But with ever increasing competition today, it has become necessary for every business to make use of SEO techniques to reach their potential customers or leads. We are the best SEO Company in Surat providing our clients with various methods to increase the sales online without investing a large sum of money.

    We, at SEO AIMPOINT help you to implement the methods that are very crucial for improving the visibility in searches. We are here to help you in providing great help to reduce the marketing cost. Here are some amazing benefits of hiring us –

    • Save manpower & money – Handling SEO is not an easy task. Hiring professionals will be the best choice to achieve the business goals. We have sound knowledge about the latest trend and will make use of it to grow your business.
    • Save your time – Time is the most valuable thing while doing business. We know its value and thus we are here to provide you with our valuable assistance so that you don’t have to worry about other things. We carry out our tasks professionally giving our clients the best results.
    • Our expertise & experience – We have years of experience about this work and our best industry knowledge so as to make your company reach the heights of success.
    • Gain an edge against the competition – Our experts know every angle about how to gain a strong position above the competitors. Our team carries out such task that yields positive results for your company.
    • Better ROI – It is much more than simply increasing the traffic towards website. SEO techniques include targeting the right traffic that can easily be converted into loyal customers. This helps in enticing the customers which in turn result in higher return on actual investment that is made.


    SEO Company in Surat has the required knowledge and professional staff that delivers you top search engine rankings & better visibility for your business. 

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  • Top High Quality Profile Creation Sites List

    Top High Quality Profile Creation Sites List

    If you are looking for high authority profile creation sites list, before that I just want to explain about this offpage SEO activity. When you search profile creation sites, check whether its domain authority (DA), Page authority (PA), Moz Rank and Alexa Rank are good or not? If a profile site has low DA, PA, Moz rank or Alexa, you must not consider that profile site for offpage SEO.

    Benefits of profile creation in SEO:

    • Improves websites link popularity
    • Increases backlinks
    • Better branding for your business
    • Improves your online reputation etc.


    SEO AIM POINT is presenting you a list of top profile creation sites that are very popular among the SEO community. We have tried our best to provide you exclusive sites with its Alexa Ranking.  

    Top 100 Profile Creation Sites List 2017

    S No. Profile Creation Site Alexa Rank
    1 72,352
    2 1,343
    3 70,212
    4 109
    5 4,767
    6 291
    7 56,843
    8 36,371
    9 15,801
    10 859
    11 3,827
    12 61,808
    13 82,029
    14 104,613
    15 8
    16 44,990
    17 82,806
    18 12,857
    19 40
    20 49
    21 5,352
    22 8,751
    23 130,922
    24 285
    25 330
    26 146
    27 7,458
    28 13,882
    29 47,585
    30 108,632
    31 63,729
    32 61
    33 221
    34 2,209
    35 55,753
    36 281
    37 31,683
    38 23,976
    39 1,346
    40 16
    41 711
    42 796
    43 5,566
    44 12,524
    45 2,759
    46 3
    47 710
    48 1,946
    49 1
    50 277
    51 32,922
    52 900
    53 144
    54 626
    55 1,980
    57 37,467
    58 1,738
    59 152
    60 45,737
    61 2,317
    62 16,335
    63 86,469
    64 64,818
    65 66,214
    66 38,106
    67 1,987
    68 623
    69 35
    70 10
    71 5,088
    72 65,162
    73 227,078
    74 55,599
    75 62
    76 62,529
    77 336
    78 18,403
    79 1,222
    80 24,271
    81 103,329
    82 91,926
    83 178
    84 1,001
    85 1,779
    86 113
    87 383
    88 11,584
    89 917
    90 53,442
    91 4,008
    92 622
    93 10,471
    94 28,782
    95 10,428
    96 33,485
    97 24
    98 210
    99 3,088
    100 2,995

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  • Top 70 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List

    Top 70 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List

    High PR, high authority social bookmarking sites play an important role in SEO. By submitting our links to top social bookmarking sites, we can increase the link popularity and traffic of our sites. It is also a great way to create strong backlinks to our sites. In this blog post, I am introducing you a list of top 70 social bookmarking sites which will bring you many best results in SEO.

    What is social bookmarking?

    Social bookmarking is the offpage SEO technique to get good backlinks, huge traffic and generating link popularity for our sites. If you are an SEO or digital marketing guy, you must know hot to do it, what are its benefits and which site to use etc.

    Why use social bookmarking sites?

    There are many benefits of using Social bookmarking websites, in this blog post, I am writing some major benefits:

    • Helps us to generate targeted traffic.
    • It will improve domain authority.
    • Better option if you are creating your brand.
    • Increases backlinks.
    • By submitting on social bookmarking, your blog post can go viral.


    Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List

    S.No Social Bookmarking Site

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  • SEO Interview Questions and Answers

    SEO Interview Questions and Answers

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been the ultimate buzzword from last many years. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you understand the importance of SEO in current scenario. In the digital media, it is quite beneficial and can help your customers to find you when they search over internet. From content marketing to attracting heavy traffic and from ranking your website over search engines to promoting your brand, SEO is very effective.

    There are many individuals who search a good job in SEO field nowadays. Keeping this in mind, we have listed here some most important SEO interview questions with their answers. 

    To face an interview, discover all you need to know with these latest SEO questions and answers and embark on a successful SEO journey!

    1. What is SEO & why is it so important?

    In simple words, SEO or Search Engine Optimization denotes to any activity performed for the improvement of Search Engine rankings of websites, products, services or other content. It shows unpaid results which is also referred to as “free”, “organic”, “natural” or “earned” results.

    The importance of SEO starts with the desire of the companies to gain more traffic for their websites. The ranking over search engines matter because users pay more heed to the first 5 searches on Google. Moreover, the users tend to trust Google’s refined search results because they consider these searches to be more authentic and specific.

    2. What is a Search Engine?

    A search engine is a web-based software system which is developed to search and locate relevant information on the World Wide Web. Search engines generally answer the queries entered by the users and give them a list of search results.

    3. Name few search engines.

    The names of some search engines are- Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alta Vista etc.

    4. Who are the Founders of Google?

    The founders of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

    5. In which year was Google founded?

    Google was founded on 4th September, 1998.

    6. What is World Wide Web?

    The World Wide Web (WWW) or the Web, which was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in the year 1989, is an information system of internet servers containing webpages where specially formatted documents and resources, supported by Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP, can be located by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) with other hypertext links.

    7. What is a Domain?

    On the internet, the domain is simply a part of the network address and acts as a descriptor for websites. It includes email addresses, website addresses and addresses of Internet Protocols such as SSH, IRC and FTP.

    For example, in, is the domain.

    8. What is domain extension?

    Domain extension refers to the notation found at the end of web addresses. The extension is used to specify a country code or any web category. For example, .edu is a domain extension to specify educational institution as the web category.

    9. What is a website?

    A website contains a collection of web pages or formatted documents that can be accessed over the Internet. Websites are generally identified with domain names or web addresses.

    For example, if you type the web address over the internet, it would take you to the home page of the actual website.

    10. What is a Web server?

    A web server is a computer program with an IP address and domain names that display web pages to users when requested. Web server accepts and processes requests sent via HTTP.

    For example, when you enter the URL ‘’ over the web browser, request is sent to the web servers which bear ‘’ as the domain name.

    11. What is Web Hosting?

    Web hosting refers to any service providing space for websites over the Internet. Web host enables your website to be viewed by others via modem or network by making space over its server.

    There are different kinds of web hosting services available today which are used as per the needs and requirements of the web developers.

    12. What is Crawling?

    Crawling or web crawling refers to an automated process through which search engines filtrate web pages for proper indexing.

    Web crawlers go through web pages, look for relevant keywords, hyperlinks and content, and bring information back to the web servers for indexing.

    As crawlers like Google Bots also go through other linked pages on websites, companies build sitemaps for better accessibility and navigation.

    13. What is Indexing?

    Indexing starts when the crawling process gets over during a search. Google uses crawling to collect pages relevant to the search queries, and creates index that includes specific words, or search terms and their locations.

    Search engines answer queries of the users by looking up to the index and showing the most appropriate pages.

    14. What is SERP?

    Search Engine Result Page or SERP refers to the page that is displayed when a specific search query is entered over the search engine. Apart from showing a list of results, SERP might also include advertisements.

    15. What is organic result?

    Organic result in SEO denotes to the listing of the web pages that are most relevant to the search query entered by the user. It is also referred to as “free” or “natural” result. Getting a higher ranking in the organic result over the search engines is the very purpose of SEO.

    16. What are paid results?

    Paid results in SEO mean the exact opposite of organic results. It generally denotes to advertisements that are displayed above the organic results.

    Several website owners make payments to Google to display their websites for certain search terms or keywords. Paid results show up when some user enters a search query with those keywords.

    17. What is “Google Suggest” or “Autocomplete”?

    Google Suggest is a part of the auto-complete function of Google search engine. When any user enters a word or some letters over the search field, Google shows many associated terms to him/her in a drop down menu. Such suggestions are a collection of the most frequently search terms over the Google search engine.

    For example, as you start to type Photoshop tutorial for, you might see other popular Photoshop tutorial related searches like“Photoshop tutorial for beginners” or “Photoshop tutorial for photographers.”

    18. What is On Page SEO?

    On page SEO refers to all the activities performed within the websites to get higher ranking and more relevant traffic from the search engines.

    On page SEO is related to the optimization of the content as well as the HTML source code of any web page. Some of its aspects include meta tags, title tags, meta description and heading tags.

    19. What is Off Page SEO?

    Off page SEO relates to the other aspects that influence the search ranking of websites on the Search Engine Result Page.

    It refers to the promotional activities, such as content marketing, social media and link building performed outside the boundaries of any web page to improve its search ranking.

    20. What is the definition of keyword?

    Keyword means any word serving as a key. Keyword in SEO refers to the key phrases and words included in the web content which helps the users to find the specific website by entering relevant search queries over the search engines.

    21. What is long tail keyword?

    Long tail keywords are phrases containing over 4+ words that make search results highly specific.

    These long phrases are used by smart SEO experts when they attempt to draw quality traffic to their websites rather than having random traffic, and increase their lead conversion rates.

    Also, long tail keywords are easy to rank compare to single word keyword.

    22. What are LSI keywords?

    LSI keywords or Latent Semantic Indexing are semantically associated with the main keyword that users enter over the search engines.

    How to find LSI keywords?

    Lets say, you are writing about On Page SEO. Now, search for your keyword (On page SEO) in Google and scroll down to the “Searches Related to…” area at the bottom of the page:

    With the use of LSI keywords, that are linked with the main keywords in terms of relevancy, search engines can identify the semantic structure of the keywords and extract the hidden meaning of the text to bring the most appropriate results on SERPs.

    23. What are heading tags?

    In SEO, heading or header tags are used to separate the heading and sub-heading of any content from the rest of the web page. There are 6 heading tags used in SEO in a top down hierarchy.

    Ranging from h1 to h6, header tags bring coherence in content along with relevancy and keyword consistency in the search results displayed on SERPs.

    24. What is Canonical URL?

    Canonical URLs relate to the concept of selecting the best URL for the web pages that the visitors want to see. Also, known as canonical tags, these URLs help in content syndication when multiple versions of a same page become available over the Internet. Thus, it is used to resolve issues related to content duplication.

    For example, most people would consider these the same urls:

    But technically all of these urls are different.

    25. What is Page Title?

    Page title, also known as title tag, is a phrase used for describing a web page content. The title tag appears on the search result pages just above the URL (see below) and also appears at the top of a browser.

    It is one of the main components of SEO as it sums up the content of any page accurately, and is generally optimized with keywords and other relevant information for drawing higher traffic.

    26. What is the definition of URL?

    Uniform Resource Locator or URL acts as a generic term used to specify all kinds of web addresses found on the web.

    URLs provide users with ways to identify and locate resources and documents on the web. URLs contain internet protocols, IP address of the host and the domain name along with other information.

    27. What is SEO friendly URL?

    SEO friendly URLs are used to optimize the structure and word usage in URLs so that the process of indexing a website by search engines become improved.

    SEO techniques, such as putting keywords and having proper length and file structure in the URLs, help in improving website ranking and enhancing website navigation.

    Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) and users may have problems with complicated URLs. Clean and simple URL helps users and search engines to understand a page topic easily.

    Google’s Matt Cutts has stated that the first 3-5 words in a URL are given more weight.

    So try to make your URLs short and simple. And always include your target keyword in your URL.

    For example, if your article is about Google Ranking Factors, your URL should be like this:

    28. What are meta descriptions?

    Meta descriptions are also called HTML attributes which should provide an accurate description of any web page content. These descriptions act as preview snippets of the web pages over the SERP page.

    Meta descriptions, which should ideally be within 150 characters, enhance the promotional value of the web pages, and can gain greater user click-throughs, if performed correctly.

    29. What are backlinks?

    Backlinks are also called incoming links that help users to shift from one web page to the other web pages. These links play an important part in SEO.

    When Google search engine views multiple quality backlinks to a page, it considers the page to be more relevant to the search query, which helps in its indexing process and improves its organic ranking on SERPs.

    30. What is a Do-Follow link?

    A Do-Follow Link, as the name suggests, allows Google link calculator called PageRank to count all the inbound links from other web pages and websites as link points.

    The higher the link juice or link points are, the greater would be the search ranking of that web page, as these links make the web page appear very relevant and popular to the Google search engines.

    31. What is a No-Follow link?

    A No-Follow link is exactly the opposite of a Do-Follow link as such the link attributes do not allow the Google bots to follow them. These links cannot be followed by robots; only humans can do it.

    32. What is internal linking?

    Internal Linking is a process of providing hyperlinks on the web pages that connect to the same domain. It is another way of directing the visitors from one web page to another of the same website.

    They help search engine spiders to crawl and index all the inner pages of a website/blog easily and such links help in building information hierarchy while pushing up the link juice level in any given website and allowing the visitors to navigate the website pages properly.

    33. What are incoming links?

    Inbound Links, also known as incoming links or backlinks, refer to the hyperlinks present on a third-party web page that directs users to your web page only.

    Inbound links can be based on both text and graphics. However, textual inbound links are more useful in drawing greater traffic and improving the PageRank level of any webpage.

    34. What is an outgoing link?

    An outbound link is a hyperlink that points at a targeted or external domain and is different from the links present on the Source domain. For example, if you provide links of other third-party web pages on your website, those would be external links to your site.

    Outbound links bear great importance in SEO as they provide your web pages with more quality and value for the search engine ranking. Google search engine counts outbound links as third-party votes which improve the ranking of your web page.

    35. Why are backlinks important in SEO?

    From the perspective of SEO, there is a difference between backlinks and quality backlinks.

    For Google search, random backlinks do not offer any help. Google assesses the quality of the backlinks present on a webpage with the relevancy found in the content of both the web pages.

    The higher is the relevance between the original content and backlink content, the greater becomes the quality of the backlinks.

    Quality backlinks bring more referral traffic to a website/blog, and most importantly will improve the ranking of a webpage.

    36. What are the most important Google ranking factors?

    According to Andrey Lipattsev, the Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, the top 3 ranking factors affecting the search engine algorithm of Google are:

    #1 Content

    #2 Backlinks

    #3 RankBrain

    37. What is robots.txt?

    Robots.txt is one way of telling the Search Engine Bots about the web pages on your website which you do not want them to visit.

    Robots.txt is useful for preventing the indexation of the parts of any online content that website owners do not want to display.

    IF you  want to block all search engine robots from crawling your website, just put the follow code:

    User-agent: *

    Disallow: /

    IF you  want to block Google from crawling your website, just put the follow code:

    User-agent: Googlebot

    Disallow: /

    It is important to decide the location of Robots.txt very carefully, or else errors might occur while displaying the website.

    38. What is HTML Sitemap?

    An HTML sitemap comprises of one single HTML page that bears the links of all the web pages of any specific website. This sitemap holds the foundation of all web pages of any website.

    HTML sitemap contains all formatted text files and linking tags of any website. It is particularly useful when you have a large website with multiple web pages, because it helps you to improve the navigation of your website by listing all the web pages in one place in a user-friendly manner.

    39. What is XML Sitemap

    XML or Extensible Markup Language is primarily created to facilitate the functionality of the search engines.

    A good XML sitemap informs the search engines about the number of pages present on a specific website, the frequency of their updates and the time of the last modifications performed on them, which helps in proper indexing of the website by the search engines.

    Here is an example:

    40. How can I see what pages are indexed in Google?

    There are two ways to see if the webpages of any specific website are indexed by Google.

    1) One can check the Google Index Status of any specific website through Google Webmaster tools. After adding the website on the dashboard and verifying the ownership, clicking on the tab “Index status” would show the numbers of pages indexed by Google.

    2) One can also perform a manual search on Google by typing on Google search bar, and the number of pages indexed would reflect on the SERP.

    41. What are doorway pages?

    Doorway Pages, also known as gateway pages, portal pages or entry pages, refer to web pages or websites that are developed for higher ranking when specific search queries are entered.

    Such pages give way to multiple web pages on the SERP which lead users to the same web destination. These can also funnel the users to intermediate pages that does not hold as much importance as the final webpage. Two common forms of doorway pages are cloaking and redirecting pages.

    42. What are 404 errors?

    404 errors are considered one of the most potential impediments in the way to successful SEO. When a specific URL is renamed or becomes non-existent, any links connecting to that URL would result in 404 errors.

    Interesting thing is, Google does not penalize any website for 404 errors. However, if the search engines consistently fail to crawl the internal links of any website, the search ranking of that website is very likely to drop with low traffic.

    43. What is anchor text?

    Anchor text denotes to a visible hyperlinked text that can be clicked through. Such hyperlinked texts link to different documents or locations available on the web.

    These texts are often underlined and blue in color, but different colors might be given with the changes in the HTML code.

    Anchor text helps users to connect to diverse data that are relevant to the source page or content. Anchor texts can be of different types such as keyword rich anchor, generic anchors, branded anchors, image anchors etc.

    SEO best practices dictate that anchor text should be relevant to the page you’re linking to, rather than generic text.

    44. What is Image Alt Text?

    Google Bots cannot process images on the web. Therefore, it makes use of the alt attributes to understand what an image is all about.

    The Image Alt text is generally considered as an alternate text for an image, which provides a textual alternative to the web crawlers to index the web page bearing the image.

    Properly phrased alt tags can increase the SEO ranking of your website’s images in Google images search results, as they tend to add more value to the user experience.

    45. What is Google Webmaster Tools/Google Search Console?

    It was on 20th May, 2015 that Google changed the name of Google Webmaster tools to Google Search Console.

    Google Search Console provides free web services to the web masters by enabling them to monitor and sustain the online presence of their specific websites.

    Google Search Console helps the business owners, SEO experts, site administrators and web developers to see the crawl errors, crawl stats, backlinks and malware with a click of a button. .

    46. What is 301 Redirect?

    301 redirect is considered as one of the most effective ways of performing redirects on any website. When a web address has been changed permanently, it is best to use 301 redirects which will redirect all the users to the new web address.

    With this redirect, the search engine passes all the values associated with the old website to the new website. Moreover, 301 redirect also pushes all the link juice to the new web address that keeps the ranking of the website unaffected.

    47. What is Google Analytics?

    Launched in 2005 by Google, Google Analytics is one of the most empowering analytical tool in SEO, which helps the web masters to track and monitor the traffic on their websites.

    It is a freemium web service, which means that it provides certain basic services free of charge while the premium services demand investment.

    One of the advantages of using Google Analytics is that it can be integrated with other Google products such as Public Data Explorer, Google AdWords etc.

    48. What is Google PageRank?

    Google PageRank was a calculative software which determined the relevancy of one web page based on the number of quality backlinks it contains.

    In other words, PageRank views backlinks as votes, which means if Page X links to Page Y, Page Y is voted by Page X. The job of PageRank is to interpret both the page content and find relevancy. The higher is the relevancy level, greater importance is ascribed to a certain page by Google which positively affects the organic result of that web page.

    Note: Currently Google doesn’t use PageRank to rank a webpage. Google’s John Mueller said Google probably won’t update Toolbar PageRank in the future.

    Sources: Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Land.

    49. What is Domain Authority?

    Considered to be one of the most influential SEO factors, domain authority is a key performance metric developed by Moz, which rates any website on a 1-100 scale.

    The greater your DA, the more likely your website to have strong traffic and high ranking in Google.

    You can check domain authority of any website in Open Site Explorer.

    This metric effectively predicts the search ranking of any website in future, based on the strength of the domain authority.

    Domain authority is evaluated to check the credibility of any website. Lots of high quality and relevant backlinks help to increase Domain Authority.

    50. What is Search Engine Submission?

    Search engine submission refers to a specific activity of the web masters in which a website is directly submitted to the search engine so that its online recognition and visibility is increased.

    In other words, it is one way of informing the search engines about the existence of any website, which is then indexed by the search engines and reflected on the SERP page.

    This is also performed by the web developers and the SEO experts so that the search engines reflect the most recent content of the website.

    Is search engine submission necessary?

    The simple answer is: NO.

    You don’t need to submit your website to search engines.

    The majority of search engines nowadays (Google, Bing and Yahoo) crawl and index pages by following links.

    51. What is Directory Submission?

    Directory submission in SEO relates to the listing of any web address or site with the relevant details over various web directories under a specific category.

    Directory submission performs the same function as phone directory and increases the popularity of websites with greater online exposure. Directory submission can be both free of cost and paid.

    Note: Over the last few years, directories have changed – they are no longer good for getting thousands of links to your site so you can game Google. Today, directories are valuable when used carefully.

    52. What is Article submission?

    Article submission is considered a part of Off Page SEO optimization. Article submission, which involves the presentation of articles to online article directories like EzineArticles, Sooper Articles, 123articleonline etc. with proper anchor text for link building, is performed for the promotion of any website.

    Even though it enjoyed wide popularity as one of the very effective SEO techniques, article directories lost its charm with Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam team head, issuing a warning against its usage in 2014.

    53. What is Press Release submission?

    Press release submission involves writing press releases and submitting them to effective and popular PR sites for building incoming links to any specific website.

    Online press-releases remain in the database forever, which means that they could be used anytime by anyone in need. It also enhances the online visibility of websites in the future.

    54. What are Classified ads?

    A classified ad is a form of advertising which is particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals which may be sold or distributed free of charge.

    Classified advertisements are much cheaper than larger display advertisements used by businesses, although display advertising is more widespread.

    55. What is Forum Posting?

    Forum posting is the act of engaging, interacting, and writing on a forum thread by leaving a simple response to the thread or to a particular post by a user on the same thread. Posting on popular forums is a powerful method of engaging and interacting with new users, while driving prospective clients to your website or business.

    Example: FileZilla Forums, WebmasterWorld…

    56. What is a Business directory?

    A business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists all businesses within some category. Businesses can be categorized by business, location, activity, or size.

    Business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software.

    57. What is Social Bookmarking?

    Social bookmarking is a way for people to store, organize, search, and manage “bookmarks” of the web pages. Users can save these links to the web pages that they like or want to share, using a social bookmarking site to store these links.

    These bookmarks are usually public, and can be viewed by other members of the site where they are stored.

    58. What is Social Networking?

    Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of one’s business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals, often through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

    59. What is RSS Feed?

    RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. RSS feeds enable publishers to syndicate data automatically. A standard XML file format ensures compatibility with many different machines/programs.

    RSS feeds also benefit users who want to receive timely updates from their favorite websites or to aggregate data from many sites.

    60. What is Guest posting?

    Guest posting is the process of creating content and publishing it on another person’s website. Guest posting blogs allow to show author bio (writer) at the top or bottom of an guest post.

    Following is an example of guest posting Author bio:

    Blogs are the most popular platform for guest posting. This is a great way to build an online reputation, backlinks and for a company to get much needed recognition.

    61. What is Blog commenting?

    Blog commenting is a popular online marketing strategy of leaving thoughtful comments on a blog post, where an individual or a business should be able to gain online presence.

    Blog comments can establish an individual or a business as a thought leader in a particular industry, which may lead to new business opportunities and also a link building tactic, since the comment links back to the page that was submitted in the “Website” field.

    62. What is Google Algorithm?

    Google algorithm is a set of commands written for the purpose of feeding back with search results relevant to the queries made.

    Google’s algorithm does the work for you by searching out Web pages that contain the keywords you used to search, then assigning a rank to each page based on several factors, including how many times the keywords appear on the page, quality of the page etc.

    Google uses numerous other criteria that change periodically to deliver more relevant results.

    63. What is Google Panda?

    Google Panda was a change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.

    Google Panda was created to target sites that publish low quality content and penalize them if possible.

    64. What is Google Penguin?

    Google launched the Penguin Update in April 2012 to better identify and regulate websites that were considered spammy or overly-optimized.

    The Penguin targeted sites that manifested keyword stuffing as well as those that practiced black-hat SEO. On the other hand, this algorithm rewarded the sites that used white-hat SEO and that were of high quality in a generic sense.

    65 What is Google Hummingbird?

    Google Hummingbird is a search algorithm used by Google from August 30, 2013. It was designed to embody the special characteristics of speed and precision.

    One of the significant advantages of Hummingbird is that Google was able to refresh not just their index but their search engine as well. However, they also retained important elements such as the search algorithms they previously created.

    66. What is Mobilegeddon?

    Mobilegeddon is a name given by webmasters and web-developers to Google’s algorithm update of April 21, 2015.

    The main effect of this update is to give priority to the web sites that display well on smartphones and other mobile devices.

    Individual pages can be tested for “mobile-friendliness” using the Mobile-Friendly Test tool by Google.

    Nice! this page is mobile friendly…

    67. What is HTTPS/SSL Update?

    HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is the protocol for secure communication on the World Wide Web. It prevents eavesdroppers from seeing information that visitors send or receive over the Internet.

    Here is an example of HTTPS domain:

    HTTPS/SSL is important for SEO.


    Because, Google is giving secure sites a ranking boost (slight).

    68. What is Google Pigeon Update?

    Google Pigeon is the code name given to one of Google’s local search algorithm updates released on July 24, 2014.

    It aimed to increase the ranking of local listing in a search which also affects the search results shown in Google Maps along with the regular Google search results.

    69. What is Google Penalty?

    A Google Penalty is the negative effect on a website’s search rankings based on the updates to Google’s search algorithms and/or manual review.

    It can be an unfortunate malfunction of an algorithm update or an intentional penalization for various black-hat SEO techniques.

    70. What are Google Sitelinks?

    Google Sitelinks are the sub-listings that will sometimes show under the first listing on the first page of Google search results.

    These are hyperlinks to website sub-pages that appear under specific Google listings to help users navigate the site.

    These are automatically added by Google using its algorithms. Page content, Site structure, Internal links and user behavior may be responsible for these.

    71. What is Google Knowledge Graph?

    The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base utilized by Google to improve its search engine’s results with semantic-search information gathered from a wide variety of sources.

    Google Knowledge Graph ensures a visually appealing and intuitive graphical presentation of information related to queries.

    It organizes data for presentation around what it calls entities, which include individuals, places, organizations, sports teams, works of art, movies, etc.

    72. What is Google My Business?

    Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses, brands, artists, and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. By verifying and editing your business information, you can both help customers find you and tell them the story of your business.

    In addition to providing the information for your Local Search listing, the Google My Business page connects you to your Google+ Page, Google Analytics, and Adwords Express.

    Its uses includes:

    • Updating business information
    • Adding photos of your business
    • Connecting directly with customers
    • Monitoring and responding to Google reviews
    • Managing information


    73. Definition of SEO Audit

    An SEO Audit is a health check for your website which involves looking at the technical infrastructure of your website to optimize Search Engine visibility, usability and conversion.

    You can identify problematic areas that need improvement to create an action plan while a good SEO audit keeps your website up-to-date with the latest developments in search marketing.

    74. Popular SEO Blogs to follow

    Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Content Marketing Institute, Moz, KISSmetrics, HubSpot etc.

    75. What is AMP

    AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source coding standard for publishers to be able to load their sites quickly on mobile since mobile responsiveness could be unimpressive and slow compared to the desktop resources which are heavy and plenty.

    76. Name of a few Popular SEO Tools

    The names of a few SEO tools are Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Buzzsumo, Bing Webmaster Tools, SEMRush, Check My Links etc.

    77. What is cloaking?

    Cloaking is a technique used to deliver the content on a Web page to a search engine in a way that is different to what the user was looking for.

    The purpose of cloaking is to boost a website’s search engine rank on certain keywords. Cloaking takes a user to the other sites than what he or she expects by disguising those sites’ true content.

    78. What is keyword density?

    Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page. Keyword density can be used as a for determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase. The percentage is always in comparison to the total number of words on the webpage.

    79. What is keyword frequency?

    Keyword frequency is the number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a single Web page.

    80. What is Google sandbox?

    Google Sandbox is a filter placed on new websites as a result of which, a site does not receive good rankings for its most important keywords or phrases. Even with good content, a site is may still significantly affected by the Sandbox effect.

    A site is sandboxed when it is new and does not rank for the keyword phrases that are not incredibly competitive in Google.

    81. What is Disavow tool?

    Google’s link disavowal tool allows publishers to inform Google that they don’t want certain links from external sites to be considered as part of Google’s system of counting links to rank websites.

    So, you may ask Google to remove certain URLs or domains as a ranking factor in the indexing of your site by creating a .txt file with a list of these domains or URLs and sending it to Google.

    82. What is Google Fetch?

    Fetch is a Google tool which enables you to test how Google renders a URL on your site. You can use Google Fetch to see whether Googlebot can access a page on your site, how it renders the page, and whether any page resources are blocked to Googlebot.

    This tool can be effectively used for the following purposes:

    Troubleshooting webpages to improve the performance in SEO.

    Submitting pages for indexing whenever the content is changed significantly.

    Finding out the pages affected by any malware attack.

    83. How do you separate words in URL?

    You should use hyphens to separate words in URL.

    84. What is Google Dance?

    Google Dance is an outdated slang term used to describe the time period when Google rebuilds its rankings, and as a result of this rebuilding, the rankings order of Websites on Google’s SERP may fluctuate repeatedly.

    The results fluctuate widely within a 3 to 5 days period. Googlebot revisits every website, figures out how many sites link to it, and how many it links out to, and how valuable these links are.

    85. What is Google’s Rich Answer Box?

    A rich answer is any attempt by Google to answer the searcher’s query in search results in a way not requiring a click through to a website.

    Rich answers come in many forms which can be recipes, sports scores, stock graphs, calculators, sliders, text-based answers, numbered step by-step directions, maps, and much more.

    The forms of rich answers:

    • Answers provided by Google
    • Basic Snippets
    • Featured Snippets


    86. What is ccTLD?

    It’s country code top-level domains.

    87. What is Black Hat SEO?

    It is the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on the search engines and usually do not obey search engines guidelines.

    88. Name a few Black Hat SEO techniques

    • A few black hat SEO techniques are:
    • Link Farming
    • Hidden text
    • Gateway or Doorway pages
    • Cloaking
    • Keyword Stuffing


    89. What is the meaning of competitive analysis?

    A competitive analysis is a critical part of your company marketing plan. This analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the current and potential competitors.

    This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

    90. What is contextual backlink?

    Contextual backlinks are links to external websites that are placed within the main or primary content of a web page.

    Here is an example of a contextual backlink:

    Contextual backlinks are much more powerful than any other backlinks. Also, this type of backlinks are very hard to get.

    91. What does it mean by “repeat the search with the omitted results included”?

    This means that Google considers the page to be of low quality content/ duplicate content/with an algorithmic penalty.

    Duplication of the same content/page is another reason behind this.

    92. What is Duplicate content?

    Duplicate content, as the name suggests, generally refers to the substantial parts of content within or across domains that are either identical or appreciably similar.

    93. What is CTR and how to boost it?

    The click through rate is measured by dividing the number of times a link appears on a search engine results page by the number of times it is actually clicked on by a visitor.

    A high organic CTR in Google or any search engine means you get more traffic.

    The ways to boost CTR are:

    • Rite Better Headline and make it interesting
    • Write outstanding meta description
    • Put Your Main Keyword in Your Display URL


    94. What is bounce rate?

    Bounce rate is the number of visitors which a site receives only for them to leave the site after viewing only one page.

    It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave or “bounce” rather than continuing on to view the other pages within the same site.

    95. What is Pogo-Sticking?

    Pogo-sticking is defined as going back and forth from a search engine results page (SERP) to an individual search result destination site.

    This means that when the searcher clicks on a link on a SERP, sees that it’s not what he/she is looking for, immediately leaves by hitting the back button.

    Google doesn’t like pogo-sticking at all. The reason why is very obvious: when users repeatedly visit your page, but don’t stick around to read what you’ve written, it becomes apparent that the page doesn’t really satisfy the users.

    96. Differences between bounce rate and pogo sticking.

    The difference between bounce rate and pogo sticking is:

    Bounce rate: A high bounce rate isn’t always bad, as it can mean that while the visitor didn’t travel deeper into a site, he spent some time on the page and got an answer to his question. He may have saved the URL or may come back later, but since he didn’t spend more time reading the content , the activity is considered a bounce.

    Pogo sticking: Pogo sticking occurs when a user performs a search, clicks on a result, very quickly clicks back to the search result page, and clicks on a different result. This type of behavior is a direct result of immediate dissatisfaction in the search result. This always has a negative aspect to it.

    In simple words, pogo-sticking has to do with search engine traffic, while bounce rate is tied to all traffic sources including search.

    97. What is Alexa Rank in SEO? is a website that ranks websites based on traffic, so in terms of SEO, moving up or down the ranks of Alexa is indicative of how effective your SEO campaign has been.

    The rank is calculated using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of page views on the site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of unique visitors and page views is ranked as #1.

    98. What is goal in Google analytics?

    Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. The goal is to make sure that users can review online campaigns by tracking page quality and conversions essentially to improve lead generation on their websites.

    According to Google: Goals measure how well your site or app fulfills your target objectives. A goal represents a completed activity, called a conversion, that contributes to the success of your business.

    99. What is funnel in Google analytics?

    A funnel is useful when you are looking to track the pages your visitors land on as well as the path that visitors use to land into the page. These are defined as funnels, as you’re setting up a pathway to track if the visitors walked the same pathway.

    Funnels will restrict the amount of completed goals to only those who follow through the entire pathway.

    100. What is referral traffic?

    Referral traffic is Google’s way of reporting visits that came to your site from sources outside of its search engine.

    For example, when someone clicks on a hyperlink to go to a new page on a different website, Google Analytics tracks the click as a referral visit to the second site.

    101: What is Google trends?

    Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., that shows how often a particular search-term is entered or used to search, relative to the total search-volume across various regions and languages in the world.

    The Google Trends tool uses real-time search data to help you gauge consumer search behaviors over time.

    Most important of all, Google Trends shows you high-volume trending search terms in your niche.

    102: What is content marketing?

    Content marketing is an approach focused on creating and distributing valuable and meaningful content to attract and retain a fixed audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer actions.

    103: What are crawl stats?

    The Crawl Stats report provides information on Googlebot’s activity on your site for the last 90 days. These stats take into account all the content types that are downloaded by Google such as CSS, JavaScript, Flash.

    Google’s ability to fetch and crawl web pages is incredibly efficient and the crawl stats provides insights for the same with complete data on the statistics.

    104: What is RankBrain in SEO?

    Launched by Google on 26th October 2015, RankBrain accounts for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system which provides aid to Google to process its search queries through algorithm-learning program.

    The uniqueness of this machine-learning technology lies in its effective management of search queries that are new to the Google search engine.

    By converting the search language into vectors (mathematical codes), this AI system can conjecture what the users are trying to convey by exploring already recorded search phrases of similar meaning and filter search results accordingly without any manual help.

    105: Define BLOG?

    A blog is an information on the website. Blogs are usually the work of a single individual or of a small group on a particular subject.

    106: Which type of website is good for SEO purpose?

    A website made on flash.

    A website made on HTML 5.

    The content presented in flash website is hard to parse by search engines so, it is always preferred to build a website in HTML for better SEO prospective.

    107: What is webmaster tool in SEO?

    Webmaster is a free service by Google which provides free Indexing data, backlinks information, crawl errors, search queries, CTR, website malware errors and submit the XML sitemap.

    108: What do you mean by Spider?

    Many search engines use programs called spiders to index web sites. Spiders follow hyperlinks and gather textual and meta information for the search engine databases. Spiders may also rate the content being indexed to help the search engine determine relevancy levels to a search.

    109: What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

    SEO is a process to get our website appear in the search engine result page.

    SEM is a search engine marketing to purchase space in search engine result page.

    110: What are the tools used in SEO?

    • Google webmaster tools
    • Google Analytics
    • Open site explorer
    • Alexa
    • Website grader
    • Keyword Planner
    • Plagiarism Checker etc.


    111: Which are the social media channels generally used for marketing?

    Mostly used social media channels are:

    Blogs: like blogger, wordpress, tumblr etc.

    Social bookmarking sites: ike Digg, Jumptags, Delicious etc.,

    Social networking sites: like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.,

    Video Sharing sites: like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

    112: What are the limitations of title and description tags?

    The title tag should be between 66-70 characters and Meta description tag should be between 160-170 characters. 


    Please remember that there are other SEO questions as well. However, we have brought to you 112 most useful and common SEO questions and answers that would help you to face any interview with confidence!

    Go on and start the SEO career of your dream.

    All the best!

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