Digital Marketing Training

The aim of our Digital Marketing training is to equip delegates with the confidence, Tools and Techniques to build the right digital strategy

Shape your career with SEO AIM POINT’s advanced Digital Marketing Training course, which is covered in 22 Modules!

Over the last few years, it is obvious that increasing amount of time over digital platforms is beneficial. Undoubtedly, it is a good way to make reach of your products and services in front of potential buyers. Apart from social media and search engine marketing, the smart phone is also a brand new way to reach the target buyers and customers.

Our Digital Marketing training is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing. Students that plan to undertake the SEO Aim Point Digital Marketing training are encouraged by our teaching staff, so that they can learn many things in a normal way and shape their advertising goals and strategy for the Digital Marketing Challenges.

The modules covered in Advanced Digital Marketing Course:-

Module 1 - Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Module 2 - Website Planning & Designing

Module 3 - Search Engine Optimization

Module 4 - Search Console

Module 5 - Google Analytics

Module 6 - Search Engine Marketing

Module 7 – PPC Advertising

Module 8 - Social Media Marketing

Module 9 - Facebook Marketing

Module 10 - Video Marketing

Module 11 - Online Reputation Management

Module 12 - Content Marketing

Module 13 - Conversion Rate Optimization

Module 14 - Affiliate Marketing

Module 15 - Mobile Marketing

Module 16 - E Commerce Marketing

Module 17 - Email Marketing

Module 18 - Fundamental of AdSense

Module 19 – Reports and Management

Module 20 – Creating an Digital Marketing Strategy / Doubt Sessions

Module 21 - Earn Money as Freelancer

Module 22 - Interview Preparation

As the marketing industry is undergoing fundamental transformations, consumers and businesses are showing their interest and perception to digital marketing strategies and platforms. We offer digital marketing training for our students, which is provided by industry experts and leaders in internet marketing field.

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