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8 Must Have things for an Optimized Website in 2019

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8 Must Have things for an Optimized Website in 2019

Here, in this blog we are writing some useful and exclusive must have tips in an optimized website in 2019. I am sure you will enjoy reading it.

Great Hosting

When the question is about hosting, it would not be a great idea to opt for cheapest alternatives. Investing a little more money in hosting would speed up your website’s loading time.


You are ought to ensure that your web host is utilizing the latest version of PHP i.e. PHP 7.2. Along with offering better performance, it will also offer better security as well. There are two ways to check the version of your PHP – by logging into your website’s control panel or contacting your hosting company.


HTTP/2 is totally multiplexed. This indicates that it can send several requests for data simultaneously over a single TCP connection when you load a website. This means that the loading time will be faster in both the server and client machine. You can reach your hosting service provider in order to know whether you can upgrade to HTTP/2 or not.


Gzip is an extraordinary server-side tool that you can utilize to compress the files of your website into a zip file, which makes the files for user’s browser to load faster. Compressed website’s files can save bandwidth and speed up your website’s loading time. You can turn on Gzip by logging into the control panel of your website.


Lazy loading is nothing but a technique used in the process of web development that delays the loading of images to a later point of time rather than loading them up front. This technique loads a website’s images as required i.e. when a user scrolls down your page. It is highly recommended to install lazy load plugin in the event that your website is on WordPress.


Huge images slow down your website’s loading time. Individuals would abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. It is recommended for a website to compress your images to the smallest file size possible while maintaining image quality. It will help significantly help with your website load times.


Migrating to HTTPS can boost up the rank of your website in the search engine result page. HTTPS are secure and transfers data securely, which Google is concerned about. It is highly recommended for you to contact your hosting company to upgrade if your URL does not start with https.


Mobile-friendly is all about the functions and looks of a website that works properly on all mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and so forth. It is highly recommended for your website to be mobile friendly for better optimization of your website. You can check out if your website is mobile friendly or not at:

Posted at : 19-12-2018 16:28:05