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All You Need To Know About Google Pirate Algorithm Update

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All You Need To Know About Google Pirate Algorithm Update

It hard to deny the fact that piracy is one of the biggest concerns in this digital era. In spite of strong efforts made my big companies, such as, Sony and Disney, the success is yet to come. Solving the issue of piracy in Digital Marketing became harder when it came to defeating the greatest culprit of it all – Google. Of course, Google is not that one who is generating pirated content, but, it is the one who is responsible for distributing the pirated contents. The index of Google makes the pirated content available to those individuals who search for it.

Despite of the availability of search engines to the pirated media, Google is making effort to make sure that it is on the good side of major entertainment industries. Thus, they introduced us with Google Pirate Update.

What exactly is the “Google Pirate Update and how does it work?

In the year of 2012, we were introduced to Pirate Update by Google as a way to eliminate pirated sites from the search engine result page (SERP) from SEO point of view. The working of pirate update is quite simple. It removes sites that have been reported multiple times for infringement of copy right filed with the help of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) system offered by Google.

Google updates the filter at some point of time, and when the update takes place, pirated websites that escaped before, may be impacted after the update. The filter is also capable to figure out latest pirated websites. Not only this, if someone has reported a website to be pirated falsely, the filter can detect and release it.

Before the introduction of Google Pirate Update, any individuals, seeking out for a movie or song using Google search engine, were being offered with pirated content owing to the high ranking of those pirated websites in the search engine result page. However, after Google’s Pirate Update, things are getting better with time. Now a days, if a user searches for a movie or song, he or she will be provided with non-pirated content at the top result. More than 96% of pirated websites has experienced a drop in the search engine result page after the said update. Be that as it may, one can still find those pirated websites in the event that they know those pirated website’s URL. The only benefit of this pirate update is that you will not be offered with several pirated content through your organic search results.

Posted at : 02-01-2019 12:54:25