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Bing AMP & JSON-LD, Google & YouTube Spam & Matt Cutts

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Bing AMP & JSON-LD, Google & YouTube Spam & Matt Cutts

Hello friends, now I have one more Google update 2018 for Google search results. Google announced their latest search spam metrics, including a drop of manual actions from 9 million to 6 million year-over-year. Bing announced a new AMP viewer that is expected to come on this summer; they also announced JSON-LD support in Bing Webmaster Tools. Paul Haahr, a Google search lead talked a lot about the philosophy around Google’s search rankings. So, it is clear from here that you will get more ranking update after this implemented by Google as well as Bing. Also, Google says, the order of your sitemap URL’s do not matter and it filters the bug in Google Webmasters crawl section. Also, according to Google, link spam and forums will no longer be helpful in SEO.

Keep in mind, Surveys, ratings; reviews are not an organic ranking feature. Google said cache-control headers do not impact crawling. Google AdWords launched new shopping features including in store savings and what’s in this store. Google has added a knowledge panel for doing college research. Google added a carousel for hotel searches. Google said, YouTube is ready to down rank videos with spam comments and paid likes. Matt Cutts stopped by SMX.

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