Google Clarification on Seven Points On Mobile-First Indexing

Google Clarification on Seven Points On Mobile-First Indexing

In this article, I am writing points which according to Google are important for Mobile indexing of your website. Before this post, people were confused especially search engine optimizers were very confused about these points. But, now Google clarifies all 7 points of mobile indexing of your site. Thus, Google has issued a clarification around how mobile-first indexing works and what it really means for webmasters.

Here is the seven point listed for webmasters:

(1)  URLs: Google will show the mobile URL to those searching on mobile search and the desktop URL to those searching on desktop. So, keep your pages mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly to get better ranking on mobiles.

(2)  Crawl changed: Nowadays, you will probably see more crawling on your mobile pages over your desktop pages. 

(3)  Cache bug: As we covered recently, there is a bug where the Google caches will 404 on pages that were recently moved to the mobile-first indexing process. It is a bug with the user interface and has no impact on crawling, indexing or ranking.

(4)  Speed Update: Again, we covered this before, but the Speed Update coming next month is unrelated to the mobile-first indexing changes.

(5)  Hidden/tabbed UI content: Again, covered numerous times, content in hamburger menus, accordions, tabs, expandable menus, etc on mobile work fine.

(6)  Desktop sites: Desktop sites, non-mobile friendly web sites, mobile sites, responsive sites, all sites will eventually move to the mobile-first indexing process.

(7)  Ranking Boost: Yes, if your website is mobile friendly, it can get better ranking in mobile SERP.

Google felt the need to state these things again. Google stated that it is a single index, not a separate mobile and desktop index.

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