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Why Google Bot Crawls Dead Pages in the Website?

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Why Google Bot Crawls Dead Pages in the Website?

Google bot is searching software, which search for your requested query in its database.  By collecting the related documents from the web, it can build a searchable index for the search engine.  It is a myth that google crawls non-existence pages too, but why? For crawling purpose, google decided to fix a crawling budget for google bot for both, existing and non- existing pages of the sites.  It seems like crawling a non-existent web page is totally wastage of time.

In search engine optimization, non-existence web page is known as 404 pages that is a server error code which a website should give when the requested page is missing. While 410 error code shows that a web page is gone but with full intention and never coming back. When Google crawls, non-existence pages (known as 404 pages), this can referred as 404 crawl.

Why google crawl non-existent pages?

There are many significant reasons for it, but few are most important, they are as follows –

  1. Simply to cross check the URLs those are used to exist on internet.
  2. Crawling non-existence URLs shows that Google has more capacity to crawl more number of URLs form a single website.
  3.  For the purpose of preventing and preserving the crawl budget, one should not need to block 404 pages from crawling.

Google and 404 pages

There is no confusion in this that, google may not keep the web page in its index, it only keep their URLs and will crawl it time to time, just to check it whether it returned or not.

Google bot 404 crawls are a good sign?

Definitely, 404 crawling is a good sign if google bot reaches your 404 pages. The main question that arises here is what is the major difference between 410 pages and 404 pages crawling?  The most significant difference between these two pages is that 410 pages are intentionally removed from the source or might be possible that it is expired or only used for a specific purpose and much more. For that special reason, website owner may want that google must obey the error code and totally forget about that web page/ site and never come back for it.

Official standards for 410 error code

According to the official standard for 410 error code indicates that one should delete all the it’s link and references to the URL and might be they get blocked permanently form the google crawling process. It is consider being the good practice that removes all the references of that site which never wants to return to that URL. So that google is obeys the rules and 410 error codes by simply not producing a link to the website’s page.

Google bot is nothing but work as a user agent for Google and easily understand that what functions and options it has showcase to its user.  Mainly it is used to search the internet stuff, in this process it can scan, find, add and index all the new web pages and remove the expired one from their database. In short, without google bot, significant google search is impossible.

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