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Hello guest, welcome to top Angular.js Development Company India – SEO AIM POINT. As in this world, we are looking for the solutions that are fast and effective. We are providing solutions to create a single-page application (SPA) for the new project. The Angular.js is a right framework to meet your demands. Angular.js is among various frameworks that are focused on improving coding language to generate more demanding and quicker results. Angular.js Development Company India intends to more dynamic and subsequent results while developing a standard structure of applications for a number of a segment.

Here are some of the best angular.js development tools-

Jasmine – It is a behavior-driven development and testing framework for JavaScript. As it doesn’t rely on DOM, browsers, or any JavaScript framework, thus, the framework is best suited for any JavaScript supported application or project.

Karma – The Angular.js Development Company uses the Karma as the simplest tool that allows the developers to execute JavaScript coding for multiple browsers. The framework brings a productive testing environment to the developers to allow testing the coding on real browsers and real platforms like phones, and tablets. Karma runs all the testing process for the application and easy debugging directly from the IDE through Google Chrome or WebStorm.

Protractor – It is an end-to-end testing framework used by the developers for Angular.js applications. A protractor runs a test against the application by running it in a real browser and interacting with the app as its user would. Protractor can automatically perform the next step the moment the web pages finishes their pending tasks, therefore, the developers don’t have to wait for completion of the test and web pages to sync.

Angular Batarang – Batarang is an extension of Chrome that is used for debugging angular applications. Once the Angular.js Development Company inspects the app, the Batarang will display results of the performance, model, and dependency in three different tabs. The developers are also able to control the inspection process to decide whether to show the applications, bindings, or scopes.

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