• Leading SEO & Digital Marketing Company in Raipur

    Leading SEO & Digital Marketing Company in Raipur

    With technology spreading in every sphere of our life, there is no doubt that providing a rich digital experience has become integral part to engage individuals. Organizations are well aware of the importance of providing personalized digital experiences to their customers, employees and partners for productivity and efficiency.

    SEO Aim Point is one of the most reputed Digital marketing Companies in Raipur, offering extraordinary digital marketing services in order to improve the overall efficiency of organizations, enhance customer engagement and offer prompt access to necessary information anytime, anywhere and using any device.

    Our digital marketing services are designed not just to meet the present business needs, but also anticipate and hence, efficiently respond to these changes. In order to achieve the highest degree of efficiency and profitability out of your business, we have rich expertise in delivering digital experiences across various channels and devices.

    How Can SEO Aim Point Assist your Brand?

    Just place a call to our digital marketing experts and get cracking crafting a campaign that will rocket your brand recall into orbit. Be it designs, content or social media strategy, SEO Aim Point, a professional digital marketing company in Raipur, will take care of all your digital marketing needs for your brand.


    Being the best digital marketing company in Raipur, we strongly trust that a successful digital marketing campaign is one that delivers every time you run it. Our digital marketing services are so effective that our clients reap the desired results out of the campaign.


    Every digital marketing campaign designed by us for any brand, product, and services, makes sure to generate highest revenue on investment and augments your business’s visibility over the World Wide Web. Our digital marketing services encompass Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Content Marketing, and so forth. Go digital with the best digital marketing company in Raipur and turn the tables on your fortune!

    Discover your Website's Hidden Potential

    Has your website’s rank dropped? Let SEO Aim Point – the most reputed SEO Company in Raipur, analyze your existing website. Our experts can help you unleash the hidden potential of your website with the professional search engine optimization strategies.

    • Dig deep into your website's hidden potential with a website audit
    • Implement our professional recommendations
    • Relax, Sit back and watch increment your rankings and traffic

    For any queries related to SEO, SEM, PPC, ORM or local search marketing, please do not hesitate to call us on +91 7692028305. We would be more than happy to address all your queries to the best of our capability.

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  • Why Black Hat SEO Techniques Are Dangerous?

    Why Black Hat SEO Techniques Are Dangerous?

    Every SEO company in India has their own perspective on black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In simple words, black hat SEO incorporates techniques which are against Google’s guidelines. Some SEO company in India consider black hat SEO as an option to achieve higher rankings within a short span of time. Many SEO companies in India strongly believe that black hat SEO techniques are useful and they recommend others to utilize them.

    You will be penalized, if Google finds out algorithmically or manually, that your website uses black hat SEO techniques. We, being the best SEO Company in India, have tried to present you with some black hat SEO techniques that every SEO practitioners should strictly avoid.

    Keyword Stuffing: Using a keyword repeatedly in an article or a small piece of text is known as keyword stuffing. It is not natural, healthy, or unique. It provides terrible experience to the users of your website and most importantly, the Panda will penalize you for low-quality content. Google prioritizes sites with content that are written for humans, not for search engines.

    Duplicate Content: Duplicate content is a type of content that appears on two or more than two websites. Using duplicate content is going to hamper your ranking to a large extent in a blink of an eye. Make sure to check your content if it is plagiarism free prior to submitting it online and make it public.

    Content Spinning: Content spinning is all about using tools or scripts to generate content automatically and publish it on your website without making any effort by your side.  For short term, you may be benefitted out of content spinning, but you will start to experience significant rank loss later. You may also get blacklisted from the search engine.

    Hiding Texts & Links: Hiding links and texts in the body with the help of CSS to position text off-screen, using the same color font as the background, or setting the font size to 0 can be seen as deceptive and is a violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

    Cloaking: Clocking is nothing but a dishonest way of utilizing two pieces of content; one for the search engine and the other for the user. Clocking violates Google Webmaster Guidelines and can get you penalized by under Google Penguin update.

    Comment Spamming: Comment Spamming is all about generating links to your website or blog by commenting on different blogs and websites even though the sites are relevant or not to your niche or activity profile.

    Sooner or later, all the SEO Company India or wherever that uses Black hat SEO techniques is going to lose rank and traffic for sure. It is always advisable to follow Google’s guidelines for website optimization.


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  • 4 Factors Affecting Bounce Rate of a Website

    4 Factors Affecting Bounce Rate of a Website

    As defined, bounce rate is nothing but percentage of visitors who leaves your website without interacting with the pages or visiting any other additional pages on your website. In other words, bounce rate is the percentage of people visiting your website that opens a page, view some or all of the content and then hits the back button instantly. Bounce rate is a very important factor in search engine optimization that Google takes into account when ranking pages in their search results. When running an SEO campaign, bounce rate is something to take into consideration. High bounce rate can be caused by a whole variety of factors that can have significant effect on your website’s ability to convert your visitors into your clients. Here in this post, we have tried to list some of the important factors that can lead to high bounce rate. Here it goes:

    1. Website Speed: Websites with slow loading speed tends to have high bounce rate. Your visitors are going to leave your website if you make them wait more than 4 seconds for a page to load. The more images, scripts and multimedia you add to your website, the longer it takes to load. The speed of a website is one of the most important factors Google takes into account for ranking.
    2. Navigation Issues: There is no reason for your visitors to stay at your website if they are not being able to navigate your website and find the information they are seeking out for. Everything is supposed to be intuitive nowadays and technology is designed to make our lives easier. Keep your website as simple as possible. Your visitors expect certain things to be in certain places. It would be better to stick to conventions, like navigation across the top of the site, in most cases.
    3. Bad Content: Good content conveys the right messages; boost online presence, traffic and conversion rates. Bad content can damage or even destroy a website, and all the time and effort that have been invested by the designer and developer of the website. The quality of content goes well beyond the grammar and spelling. If content is bad, the visitors of your website are going to bounce before they go any further.
    4. Website Design: Websites that are hard to navigate, complicated, and look out-dated have higher bounce rates than clean, simple to-use, mobile friendly sites. Is your site something that individuals really need to take a look at? If not, they will they will be leaving.

    If you would like some help to reduce your website’s bounce rate, feel free to contact us anytime. One of our highly skilled SEO experts will take a break to look at your site and your competitors, and suggest ways that you can utilize to decrease your bounce rate and increase sales from your site.

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  • ORM Services India by SEO AIM POINT for Brand Promotion

    ORM Services India by SEO AIM POINT for Brand Promotion

    Are the marketing teams of your business aware with the popularity of your brand? If your business does not gain that much popularity then what you are going to do. There is a primitive method which is used by most of the brands to gain the popularity that one is “BRM”. BRM stands for Brand Reputation Management. By applying these on your business one can easily change the fundamentally the awareness of the brand.  Technically, BRM methodology is used for brand promotion.

    There are many services are present in the market to provide your better facility for promoting your business, especially if it is a smaller one. One can easily adopt any brand awareness service to get positive results from customer; those services are well known with the name “ORM services”. India is a developing country, so there are thousands of startups launched every month and they are struggling for their place in the market.

    In technical words, brand reputation management is nothing but making a scenario that how customers see a particular brand/product. These things are done in the favor of the business which indicates that customer will trust on your name, and they feel good in buying the services and products of that brand.

    This is the era of digital marketing, while still some people will like to choose traditional marketing strategy over digital one.  They thought that banners, posters, advertising on television, etc. are the best way to promote their work. It works but not every time, in current era, we need a specific targeted oriented strategy to get more and specific results on time.

    So in this series, companies try their best to shape their brand reputation in a new way to develop the goodwill of the business.

    What is the sense of BRM?

    There is the sense of using BRM in today, in the field of business. BRM is actively managing all the work which enhances the reputation of the brand.  It includes conversations, references, feedback and many other things, regarding business.

    Significance of brand reputation management

    The first things which BRM take in to consideration is that what is your target audience, how to plan your action and what is the right time to execute your plan.

    Apart these things, ORM services will take care of the search engine and their activities towards your business. Once your customer will going to search the business name on google or any other search engine it wants to look your name on the first page.

    To promote your brand one should definitely consider the previous feedbacks as well as reviews and recommendation for the safer choice. All these minor and major things will be counted in the category of brand promotion. Just to provide all these types of facilities there are large number of companies establish in India for offering you quality ORM services.

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  • Quick Tips to Enhance the Accessibility of the Websites

    Quick Tips to Enhance the Accessibility of the Websites

    Web development is not a piece of cake. Developing a website, will also cover some other areas including SEO, branding, responsive designs, quality content, how web page appears to the audience and many more. The important feature is most of the time is overlooked by most of the people; the main misconception is that website is developed for smooth accessibility not for visually pleasing. A worthy website design is measured on two factors one is good visual look and smooth accessibility concerns.  Undoubtedly, it is really important to access relevant information from one place and reach to everyone.

    Any website which adhere to the easy access guideline that can improve the traffic on it, earn more revenue with the flavor of responsiveness of website and inclusiveness in it. Adding such amazing features in the site will improve its appeal to their users. When you are going to develop a new website or updating or modifying the earlier one, one thing is always keep in mind that is the accessibility of the website to everyone. It should be the part of web designing, regardless the topic of it.

    There are few important tips, they are mentioned underneath of this article-

    # Selection of colors:  Many people are color blind, so make sure that you are going to choose right color combination for background and content. Besides color selection, a worthy design is also important.

    # Quality description: On every website you see the relevant information on every page of that site. It leaves a positive impact on your website as well as visitor.

    # Provide alternate option:  There are some few contents that are accessible to only few people, not to everyone. Nevertheless, if it is possible in some special cases, then must provide the alternative content for your specially impaired visitors. For instance, if you share a video on any topic, along with this, you have to provide the written description also for your impaired audience.

    # Easy use of “Tab” key: Make sure, you will design your site with the “tab” key familiar. Tab movement might be useful for specially impaired person and also help for common people who are in a hurry, or on that time when your mouse will not working, accordingly. A well functioned tab index is easy to navigate in a simpler and better user experience.

    # Use of “ALT” text: If you are going to insert “ALT text”, it can improve the visibility of your website on the SERP and provides better audience also. These factors are going to play crucial role in the lives of specially impaired audience and through it they can easily use your site, in a better way.

    All these above factors will definitely enhance the accessibility of your website.

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  • Why Google Bot Crawls Dead Pages in the Website?

    Why Google Bot Crawls Dead Pages in the Website?

    Google bot is searching software, which search for your requested query in its database.  By collecting the related documents from the web, it can build a searchable index for the search engine.  It is a myth that google crawls non-existence pages too, but why? For crawling purpose, google decided to fix a crawling budget for google bot for both, existing and non- existing pages of the sites.  It seems like crawling a non-existent web page is totally wastage of time.

    In search engine optimization, non-existence web page is known as 404 pages that is a server error code which a website should give when the requested page is missing. While 410 error code shows that a web page is gone but with full intention and never coming back. When Google crawls, non-existence pages (known as 404 pages), this can referred as 404 crawl.

    Why google crawl non-existent pages?

    There are many significant reasons for it, but few are most important, they are as follows –

    1. Simply to cross check the URLs those are used to exist on internet.
    2. Crawling non-existence URLs shows that Google has more capacity to crawl more number of URLs form a single website.
    3.  For the purpose of preventing and preserving the crawl budget, one should not need to block 404 pages from crawling.

    Google and 404 pages

    There is no confusion in this that, google may not keep the web page in its index, it only keep their URLs and will crawl it time to time, just to check it whether it returned or not.

    Google bot 404 crawls are a good sign?

    Definitely, 404 crawling is a good sign if google bot reaches your 404 pages. The main question that arises here is what is the major difference between 410 pages and 404 pages crawling?  The most significant difference between these two pages is that 410 pages are intentionally removed from the source or might be possible that it is expired or only used for a specific purpose and much more. For that special reason, website owner may want that google must obey the error code and totally forget about that web page/ site and never come back for it.

    Official standards for 410 error code

    According to the official standard for 410 error code indicates that one should delete all the it’s link and references to the URL and might be they get blocked permanently form the google crawling process. It is consider being the good practice that removes all the references of that site which never wants to return to that URL. So that google is obeys the rules and 410 error codes by simply not producing a link to the website’s page.

    Google bot is nothing but work as a user agent for Google and easily understand that what functions and options it has showcase to its user.  Mainly it is used to search the internet stuff, in this process it can scan, find, add and index all the new web pages and remove the expired one from their database. In short, without google bot, significant google search is impossible.

    SEO AIM POINT is one of the popular SEO company in India that has hired SEO professionals to carry out SEO, social media marketing, PPC, reputation management and provide services to its clients.

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  • A Brief Introduction About Moztrust and MOZ Rank

    A Brief Introduction About Moztrust and MOZ Rank

    If you want to check the global level trust score of your website linking then without any delay simply visit the website, it site will measure the link equity which is directly tied with the level of “trustworthiness” of that site. The level of trust is very essential for gaining good quality backlinks from, different sources of trust such as homepages of government websites or of international universities and many other popular sources. If these websites, are getting ready to provide you a backlink which means that now onwards you will going to make strong connections with many other websites as well as you can rank well in Google or other search engines.

    Only link to trust worthy sites

    Number of popular research papers and patent applications has noticed that linking from trust worthy website will significantly reduce the large number of web spam, according to the google algorithm. Thus, it is always beneficial for any site to create links only to trusted websites.

    How is MozTrust calculating the score?

    Calculation of MozTrust is quite easy; this site will initially calculate the distance of the desired page to the “seed page” of the trustworthy site.  The more closely your web page is placed with the trusted site; it results into the higher level of trust score.  The MozTrust will give you marks from 0 to 10 points scale.

    For instance, if you are performing SEO for your website and you website scores less than 5 which mean that there is a need of more linking on that site? But improving the Moz score is quiet easy as it cans only demands more linking from trust worthy sites. If your website is capable in doing these things then it will easily gain the good score on MozTrust.

    What is a quality a MozTrust score?

    There is no specific score which we said that this is the good one. But necessarily higher you score on this site it will indicate that your site is a trust worthy site.

    Technical definition

    The MozTrust will quantify that how much your web page is trustworthy? Mostly it is depends upon the various search engines and their algorithms like google search engines, etc. Receiving backlinks from reputed or trustworthy websites will also help you in gaining good reputation on the internet.

    MozTrust will score your website by measuring all these frequencies to provide the “trust” score to any website, in which back links of that website, has its own importance.

    MozTrust and search engine optimization applications

    Like Moz Rank, MozTrust is conveyed through connections. To begin with, dependable "seeds" are distinguished to sustain the figuring of the metric. These "seed" sites incorporate the landing pages of significant global college, media, not-for-benefit, and government sites. Sites that acquire joins from the seed set are then ready to cast lesser trust-votes through their connections. This procedure proceeds over the web and the MozTrust of each relevant connection diminishes as it ventures "more distant" from the first confided in seed webpage.

    Moz Rank and MozTrust are pointers of crude connection value and trust-one-sided interface value, individually. Usually intriguing to consider how these two qualities identify with each different over various URLs.

    For instance, a high Moz Rank esteem joined with a low MozTrust score might be the indication of a malicious connection profile. Pages that display this irregularity have a tendency to perform ineffectively in the rankings.

    Then again, a higher MozTrust/Moz Rank proportion recommends a bigger level of high-trust joins indicating the page. A page with a lower Moz Rank may beat high-Moz Rank pages if the trust of the connections and, thusly, the MozTrust score is higher. 

    How to improve MozTrust scoring?

    One can easily improve the score of their website on MozTrust by creating more backlinks on reputed or government websites.

    In concluding words, MozTrust score will improve the trust worthiness of your website.

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  • 20 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Website Development Company

    20 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Website Development Company

    Think about a website development company as your marketing accomplice. The site it designs for your business will assume a vital part in your organization accomplishing its internet promoting objectives. In the case of having a site outlined fresh out of the box new out of the blue or updating a current one, the employing choice you make will manage your site achievement.

    All things considered, the best approach is to utilize an intensive contracting process. Much the same as procuring another representative, picking a website development firm takes meeting, looking into execution comes about, asking for an arrangement of their work and checking references.

    To assist you with your talking arrangements, here are 20 questions to ask before contracting a website composition organization. When you do your due industriousness, the answer will become crystal clear to your clientele and also helps them in choosing best website development firm for their work.

    Here are those important questions-

    Question-1: What services do they offer you?

    In addition to, all features of web composition, numerous website architecture organizations offer web advancement, facilitating, copywriting, internet business arrangements, and computerized promoting administrations, for example, online networking, SEO, or PPC administration. While it's extremely basic to accept these administrations are connected, they are, truth is told, altogether different administrations requiring altogether different ranges of abilities.

    Question-2: Do you custom designs of sites or utilize pre-made formats?  

    As a rule, website composition organizations offer the two choices to address the issues of their customers. A few organizations need to set up a solid brand, so they need the special look and usefulness a site planned starting with no outside help gives. Different organizations are not that dependent on an online nearness and select to spare cash with a layout that can be redone. Examine your site needs and request a value examination of the two preceding settling on your choice.

    Question-3: Would you be able to give cases of sites that your organization outlined?

    Taking in consideration of the design and style of these sites will enable you to assess the plan decent variety of the firm. Additionally take note of the execution of the destinations, regardless of whether the route is anything but difficult to utilize, if the sites are very much created, if the outlines are present and current, and how well the plan coordinates the business style. Make inquiries. Discover why things were done the way they were. You may think an illustration site looks excessively basic just, making it impossible to discover that was precisely what the customer required.

    Question- 4: Will you audit my present site and break down its execution before settling on your outline choices?

    In the event that you have a current site, not all pages may require an upgrade, particularly on the off chance that they are hitting superior imprints. See whether the website composition firm intends to examine your present webpage's measurements to assess its qualities and shortcomings before actualized any plan changes.

    Question-5: What procedures will you use to produce income for my site?

    The organization you select to plan your site ought to be similarly as worried about producing income for your site as you may be. In that capacity, they ought to have the capacity to list demonstrated techniques that they normally fuse into a site plan. These outcomes arranged procedures ought to be in accordance with your objectives.

    Question-6: What is your arrangement with respect to building sites for my competitors?

    This can be a decent or awful thing. For instance, if an organization has planned sites in the past like yours, they may have a superior comprehension of what works and what doesn't. So, you don't need an unmistakable irreconcilable situation. This is a decent thing to ask and to use in your assessment procedure, however I wouldn't preclude somebody altogether in the event that they fabricated a site a year ago in a similar industry yet don't have a continuous association with that customer.

    Question-7: By what method will my undertaking be overseen?

    Normally, a web development process incorporates four phases: methodology/inquire about, outline, website improvement, and dispatch and assess. When finding out about the undertaking administration procedure of a website architecture firm, ask whether there will be a particular director or contact individual for your venture, a course of events for the diverse stages, the way in which you will get advance reports and whether a venture administration framework is utilized to oversee errands.

    Question-8: What amount of time is dedicated to examining my business, market and contenders?

    Arranging out your site is vital to guaranteeing its prosperity. This requires exploring your industry and playing out an essential market examination before arranging the site's general usefulness, content structure, components, conveyance and different parts.

    Question-9: Will's identity dealing with my site?

    Some website architecture organizations may commit one individual or a group of people to your venture, contingent upon the extent of the work you need performed. For instance, you could have a visual creator, developer and publicist chipping away at your site. Knowing will's identity taking a shot at which segments of your undertaking is critical for seeing how your task will be overseen.

    Question-10: To what extent will it take to finish my site?

    Regularly, the turnaround time for a web composition depends on the extent of the work required and how rapidly you give them required data, for example, content. Be that as it may, you ought to ask how much time the firm will commit to your task and its normal turnaround time on the off chance that they have all the substance. It's likewise worth examining what happens in the event that they don't meet their deadline.

    Question-11: What number of pages will my site be?

    This is something that you will work out with the site configuration firm once content has been settled upon. Web indexes like sites with a few pages of value content and normally sites have standard pages, for example, About Us, FAQs, Contact Us, and Privacy and Terms of Conditions. Together, you and the firm you select will decide different pages in light of your business, for example, Products or Services, Resource Center, a Blog, Case Studies or Testimonials, Photo Gallery, and so forth.

    Question-12: How much input will I have with my website design?

    During your initial consultation, a web design firm should ask your questions to get a feel for your business, the tone and style you want to portray, and the types of web design styles you like. This will give the designer an idea of the type of aesthetics you’re looking for in terms of site components and provide strategic information as to the purpose of your new site, your target audience and the content it should contain. Most firms work hand-in-hand with its clients to be certain they are providing them with the type of website they desire.

    Question-13: What do you require from me to begin?

    Commonly, you have to give any pictures, content, or other substance you need on your site. On the off chance that you have the content done by the association's marketing specialists, you'll have to give essential data. On the off chance that you give your own duplicate, it might require a couple of changes for better website improvement or plan introduction. Whatever the case might be, you ought to be advised ahead of time of any corrections expected to your duplicate and why they are required.

    Question-14: Will my site be worked to extend as my business develops?

    It's important that your site is worked with space to develop, particularly if your organization may include new items or administrations later on. Ask about the versatility of the plan and whether new route catches can be added without paying for a whole site overhaul.

    Question-15: Would you be able to make a logo for my site?

    Most web specialists can make a logo for your business as a component of your underlying task quote or for an extra expense. Get some information about involvement around there and take a gander at different logos the firm has made, giving careful consideration to realistic interest, how well the style coordinates the focal point of the business and how well the logo builds up mark personality.

    Question-16: Would you be able to enable me to get pictures for my site?

    Having real photographs relating to your business is constantly best for that extraordinary factor, yet regularly stock pictures are essential. So there are no worries over copyright encroachment, ask architects whether they approach a huge determination of open area pictures, or on the off chance that you have to pay eminence expenses in view of utilization.

    Question-17: How would you value your administrations?

    The evaluating structure of website composition changes among organizations, so ask whether a level task cost or hourly rate is utilized. Remember that cost depends on involvement, ability and the extent of the task. The evaluating ought to be in accordance with the nature of the company's work, which will reflect by the way they esteem your image and the significance of its online nearness. 

    Question-18: Do you incorporate site improvement with sites?

    These days, all sites ought to be coded in light of SEO. There are a wide range of specialized issues that another site can present. In case you're having another site outlined, it's a smart thought to host a third get-together SEO firm lead a SEO review before dispatch to ensure there aren't any real issues.

    Question-19: What is incorporated into the cost?

    It's critical to know precisely what you're paying for when given a venture quote. Request an organized rundown of expectations that are incorporated into the cost and ask what is excluded. For instance, a few firms offer facilitating or upkeep that is excluded in the underlying undertaking's cost.

    Question-20: Do you offer space name enlistment?

    Prior to a site can go live, it needs a name. Most full-benefit website architecture firms will deal with space name enlistment. Inquire as to whether it will check whether the name you need for your site is accessible, on the off chance that they will enlist it for you, how long the area name enrollment is for and the cost for playing out this administration.

    Your web development firm ought to be an impression of your key business objectives. It's critical that the website design and development organization you select is ready to enable you to accomplish them.

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  • How Do You Build SEO Strategy For Your Business

    How Do You Build SEO Strategy For Your Business

    What happen if someone finds your business on the first page of Google? Your answer might be, “a smart SEO”. If you are not going to apply this technique in your business, then chances are your strong competitors will be. Basically, search engine optimization (seo), it is a practice for improving your visibility on SERP (search engine result page). It can be easily done through quality content and design your website search engine friendly, optimal navigation and much more related factors. It is an art as much as science practices also. In other words, it is the part of discipline of making your website search engine friendly and gets better ranking. To provide you better and improved marketing techniques, there are ample of SEO agency in India.

    How do you build SEO strategy for your business?

    To build an effective SEO strategy, to promote your website and gain good reputation, there are some effective steps to take, they are -

    1. Understand the situation: Initially, start by meeting with the team to deeply understand the needs of the business and target audience.  The more insights you can provide to your clientele, it directly strength your relationship. To verify your work and progress, time to time check your insights.
    2. Selection of keywords: Another important step towards progress is the selection of good keywords.  Select only quality keywords which support white hat SEO. Arrange meetings with your client at fixed time interval to ask about the performance of their website and chosen keywords. So that you will plan additional Campaigns.
    3. Plan smart strategy:  To see positive results on Google page SERP. In this process, both the techniques – on-page and off-page engine optimization. Accordingly, plan your smart strategy for doing effective search engine optimization. This will definitely leave a positive impact on the ranking of your website. Importantly, one should focus on the conversion rate, to measure the traffic on your website.

     How do you manage SEO campaign?

    It is also important to take care of your SEO campaigns and check their results.

    # Build engaging content: SEO practice does not limits itself in writing unique content and place keywords in to it. While entering into content marketer, you have to take care of both the fields- on-page and off-page. 

    # Keep an eye on Google updates: Google changes their page ranking algorithm with the change of time.  Nobody knows that when Google change their ranking parameters and to which fact start giving importance while rank your web page on top.

    # Measuring and monitoring: Analysis plays a significant role in building a strong and worthy SEO campaigns for the customer and their business. Keep an eye on the SEO stats is important as they are the only thing which provides an estimate idea about your campaign. Through these types of data, one should also check the ranking of their used keyword throughout their campaigns and get information about what leads today.

    # Off-page SEO: In off-page SEO, you have to build quality and relevant links for your business website which helps in their ranking.

    These are the important factor of SEO, but one should not capable in doing all of them by self with perfection. Therefore, they hire SEO agency for their work. However, multiple SEO agency in India, are ready to help you.

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  •  Ways To Speed Up Your Website And Improve Conversion

    Ways To Speed Up Your Website And Improve Conversion

    As a website page developer, you should as of now see that which page is taking time to load and why? It is very normal that guests won't get some distance from your site page on the off chance that it cost them the greater part a moment to gain admittance to your site. Furthermore, the speedier your pages load, the more probable the web crawlers will be list further into your sites pages and give your site a superior positioning in SERP. According to SEO agencies in India, speed of the website in mobile as well as in desktop matters a lot in SEO.

    In this manner, you may require following 20 ways to speed up your website and to accelerate your page load time.

    Factors affecting your website:

    On-page SEO:

    • Adverts have a tendency to back pages off as they are all the more frequently stacked from outer locales. In the event that your site doesn't generally profit by publicizing it might be a smart thought to expel them. On the off chance that you are utilizing pictures that are situated on an outside server, spare them to your neighborhood server so they stack from your pictures organizer and set the objective inside your code.
    • Images are the key component of the any website. Pictures have a tendency to be the biggest (document measure) things on a page. All around streamlined pictures with their document sizes decreased is the key, however without diminishing quality. In the event that conceivable, utilize Photoshop to resize a picture and put it on your website. Utilize the picture as a connection to the full-measure picture if required.
    • Other on-page factors are- minimum use of flash, Jquery, slideshows, embed music and content related videos.
    • Minimum use of extra files and coding’s will also increase the speed of your website.
    • Time to time remove all the existing errors and fix all the bugs, which create problem in the speed of your website.
    • Other on-page factors are-
    • Minimum use of flash,
    • Jquery
    • Slideshows
    • Embed music 
    • Content related videos.

    Off-page SEO:

    Likewise, your on-page SEO practice, your website’s off-page is also plays a vital role in the ranking factor.

    • Having a committed server, i.e. not a facilitating bundle on a common server, can enable speed to up your site. Where this isn't moderate, pick an organization that has average equipment determinations that take the heap time of your site genuinely.
    • Consolidate Gzip pressure into your site will diminish page stack times. Note: in some cases pages don't show on Firefox so loads of testing is required to check whether it fits your site
    • Make a reserve of your web pages to rush page loads.
    • Loads of modules will back your site off - just utilize those that are fundamental for your site to work
    • Minify your CSS by evacuating spaces and superfluous remarks and so on.

    Website wizards:  Plugins play a vital role in the improving your search engine ranking as they are the key factor of any website and easily implement various complex programs into it. Also helps in generating quality result for your website, for instance, Yoast SEO which helps your website in improving website ranking on any search engine and many other factors or plugins are also helpful in it.

    Other external factors:

    Website cache will also the important part of the speed increasing factor as cache stores the replica of the web page and generate results in to less than a micro second even when server is busy on handling some other crucial sites and their work.

    The above mentioned factors are not only responsible for improving your website’s speed even they are also generate quality conversion rate to your website.

    While hiring a SEO agency in India, you can ask them about these factors or about the steps taken to speed up the website.

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  • Ways to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

    Ways to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

    Accepting that your site has a high bounce rate is similar to tolerating that possibly, quite possibly, your tyke isn't the most attractive child in the schoolyard. Without a doubt, you think your valuable little heavenly attendant is simply delightful (and to make sure we're clear, we're discussing your site now), yet when you head into Google Analytics to check the numbers, your bounce rate recounts an alternate story.

    It's difficult to deal bounce rate in search engine optimization. All things considered, you adore your site, so for what reason doesn't every other person?

    What is Bounce Rate?

    Google characterizes skip rate as the level of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the individual left your site from the passage page without communicating with the page). The bounce rate is critical when we do SEO for a website. In light of the fact that this is a measure of how individuals cooperate with your webpage, on the off chance that they are keen on your substance, and if your site is legitimately improved. Bounce rate is the level of guests that leave your site after just survey one page. The most effortless approach to screen your skip rate is to setup Google Analytics on your site.

    Ways to reduce the bounce rate of your website:

    1. Less loading time: Clearly we will begin with the speed of your site first! This is so essential when calculating into your skip rate. In the event that your site is moderate a client may begin stacking a page on your site, and on the off chance that they become weary of pausing, they hit back and attempt the following one.
    2. Responsive website: Ensure your site works perfectly on cell phones! Clearly a little mix-up like that one beneath makes it relatively difficult to peruse the substance. Try not to overlook things like this as they can contribute unequivocally to your bounce rate.
    3. Fresh and unique content: Always write fresh and unique content for your personal niche/blog/website.
    4. Article readability: Make sure that all the articles / blogs of your site are in good readable form.
    5. Improve navigation: You have to ensure that a man can without much of a stretch explore your site to discover what they are searching for. Heat map instruments can be an incredible method to test how your route is functioning and furthermore make sense of approaches to enhance your CTR.
    6. Stop showing pop-ups: Multiple pop-ups are become the reason of your visitor’s irritation. So use them in as less as possible.
    7. Create useful content: Always try to put only relevant stuff on your site so that it can attract more number of site visitors.
    8. Fix all the broken links:  Settling broken links is critical for in accordance with both web execution and lessening your bounce rate.
    9. Browser compatibility: If your website is compatible with all the web browsers then it considers being the good one.
    10. Attractive website design: Your substance and configuration should be appealing to ideally target better the gathering of people you're going for. Individuals don't invest energy in locales that look shocking or are difficult to explore. 

    All the above tips will help you in reducing the bounce rate of your website up to an extent. Keep in mind, when you do SEO of a website, you can expect around 40% bounce rate and more than that is dangerous.

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  • Google Clarification on Seven Points On Mobile-First Indexing

    Google Clarification on Seven Points On Mobile-First Indexing

    In this article, I am writing points which according to Google are important for Mobile indexing of your website. Before this post, people were confused especially search engine optimizers were very confused about these points. But, now Google clarifies all 7 points of mobile indexing of your site. Thus, Google has issued a clarification around how mobile-first indexing works and what it really means for webmasters.

    Here is the seven point listed for webmasters:

    (1)  URLs: Google will show the mobile URL to those searching on mobile search and the desktop URL to those searching on desktop. So, keep your pages mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly to get better ranking on mobiles.

    (2)  Crawl changed: Nowadays, you will probably see more crawling on your mobile pages over your desktop pages. 

    (3)  Cache bug: As we covered recently, there is a bug where the Google caches will 404 on pages that were recently moved to the mobile-first indexing process. It is a bug with the user interface and has no impact on crawling, indexing or ranking.

    (4)  Speed Update: Again, we covered this before, but the Speed Update coming next month is unrelated to the mobile-first indexing changes.

    (5)  Hidden/tabbed UI content: Again, covered numerous times, content in hamburger menus, accordions, tabs, expandable menus, etc on mobile work fine.

    (6)  Desktop sites: Desktop sites, non-mobile friendly web sites, mobile sites, responsive sites, all sites will eventually move to the mobile-first indexing process.

    (7)  Ranking Boost: Yes, if your website is mobile friendly, it can get better ranking in mobile SERP.

    Google felt the need to state these things again. Google stated that it is a single index, not a separate mobile and desktop index.

    Source -

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