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Essential Tools for SEO

So as to compete with SEO, it is important that one has access to the best tools so that it can help you in finding the new opportunities, save much of the time and in keeping track of how your SEO benefitted the business. Having access to the latest tools is not only important for SEO specialists but also for digital marketing manager, content writer and more. Thus, it is vital that you keep in mind the usage of tools while choosing the best SEO Company in Mumbai.

There are almost six major types of tools that are essential for managing in SEO project. Those are as follows:

Keyword Analysis Tools: Without the input of keywords, there would be no such thing as SEO. The research of keywords play an important because it derives more number of visitors to the website. The keyword research tools are:

  • Free – Ubersuggest
  • Freemium – Term Explorer
  • Paid – SEMrush, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ranking Tools: It is really very important to know where your website stands in search engine results. These tools helps in saving much of the manual work. The ranking tools are:

  • Free tool - Google Search Console
  • Freemium – SEMrush
  • Paid – Authority Labs

Content effectiveness tools: All the ranking strategies revolve around the content of the website. Thus, it is important to judge the content effectiveness. The content effectiveness tools are:

  • Free – Outdated Content Finder
  • Freemium – Yoast Word Press Plugin
  • Paid – Buzzsumo

Link Building Tools: Links are the greatest ranking factor today. However, link building methods have been extremely manipulative in olden times. Thus, it is important to judge the link building sites too. Some of the link building tools are:

  • Free - LinkMiner Plugin
  • Freemium – Moz SEO Toolbar & Majestic Backlink Analyzer Extensions
  • Paid - Ahrefs Site Explorer, Buzzstream

Link Removal Tools: These tools are extremely beneficial for the sites which have been hit the penalty from Google’s Penguin algorithm. It can ultimately reinvigorate your site. Some of the link removal tools are:

  • Free – Disavow Tool
  • Paid – CognitiveSEO

Technical SEO tools: These tools are beneficial for digging around the back-end of the site so as to know the issues arising and functions of it. Some of the technical SEO tools are:

  • Free - Woo Rank Plugin
  • Freemium – Screaming Frog
  • Paid – DeepCrawl

Thus, these are some of the tools for SEO. While choosing a SEO Company in Mumbai, it is important to ask for their access to the latest tools as it would help in ranking of your website.