Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Answers

Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Answers

Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Questions and Answers 2021 here provided by SEO AIM POINT are updated keeping in your needs in mind. White facing Display & Video 360 Certification Exam, it becomes must that you get the accurate answer to every question. The Display & Video 360 Certification exam covers programmatic and direct deal campaign setup that includes setting up assigning inventory, bid strategies; troubleshooting issues, budgets, targeting, and creative etc.

Display & Video 360 Certification Exam & certification exams are designed for users with real-world experience. So, finally you are ready to face Display & Video 360 Certification Exam by following Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Questions and Answers that are brought to you by SEO AIM POINT, a leading Digital Marketing firm in India.

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This list of Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Questions and Answers 2021 will help you.

1. What Environment Supports Proximity Targeting?

  • Mobile App
  • Mobile Web.
  • TrueView
  • Desktop Web on Mobile.

2. What Are Two Ways To Make Bulk Changes Within Display & Video 360 Campaigns?

  • Naviagate to Insertion Order < Line Item level < Select Line Item < Action
  • Use Structured Data Files (SDF)
  • Navigate to optimization within line item view
  • Update within Campaign Manager

3. How Does The Setup For A Programmatic Guaranteed Deal Differ From A Preferred Deal?

  • The publisher needs to agree on number of impressions and fixed price for a Programmatic Guaranteed deal
  • The publisher sets up line items in Display & Video 360 for any Programmatic Guaranteed deals
  • Programmatic Guaranteed deals are available in the insertion order’s Inventory source targeting
  • The publisher needs to agree on the targeting and categories for an open auction deal

4. What Is Required For Creative Approval?

  • A valid landing page
  • A 3rd-party verification tracker
  • HTML5 formatting
  • Data sharing is enabled

5. How Can An Advertiser Be Granted Access To TrueView Inventory?

  • Accept Terms & Conditions and Fees in the Partner’s settings
  • Add a 4 percent media fee to the partner revenue model
  • Add YouTube to the targeted sites in the TrueView channel
  • Add YouTube to the list of accepted exchanges in the Partner’s settings

6.What Step Should Be Taken To Track And Secure A Programmatic Deal With A Publisher?

  • Go to Marketplace Negotiations to review and accept deals in Display & Video 360
  • Go to the partner’s Basic Details, in Display & Video 360 and link the deal ID
  • Contact your customer support representative
  • Go to Inventory targeting within a line item and search within “Inventory Source”

7. To Send Data From Campaign Manager To Display & Video 360, What Initial Step Should Be Taken?

  • Associate Display & Video 360 in the advertiser’s Floodlight configuration in Campaign Manager
  • Remove any reference to Campaign Manager Site(s) in Display & Video’s Basic Details
  • Associate the Bid Manager partner ID in the advertier’s “Creatives fields” section
  • Associate the Display & Video 360 partner ID in Campaign Manager’s Properties

8. To Access A First-Party Audience List From A Floodlight Tag In Display & Video 360, What Step Should Be Taken In Campaign Manager?

  • Assign the Floodlight tag to an audience list
  • Add a custom variable for audience targeting
  • Add a Display & Video 360 macro to the Floodlight Tag
  • Set the Floodlight tag to accept Dynamic tags

9. How Would You Add Third-Party Verification To A Creative When Campaign Manager Is Your Ad Server?

  • In Display & Video 360, use the custom tag wrapper feature
  • Add the Display & Video 360 tags to Campaign Manager with the third party verification’s tracking link
  • Download the Campaign Manager tag, append to the Display & Video 360 tag, and perform a SDF bulk upload
  • Add the integration code to the advertiser’s Basic Details and upload the tags to Display & Video 360

10. Which Environments And Inventory Sources Cannot Run Within A Single Line Item?

  • YouTube and open exchange
  • Mobile app and mobile app interstitial
  • Mobile web and mobile app
  • Desktop and mobile web

11. Which Two Views Show The Revenue And Conversion Metrics For Line Items? (Select Two)

  • Optimization view
  • Performance view
  • Quality view
  • Pacing view

12. What Step Would An Advertiser Take To Target A List Of Email Addresses?

  • Create a Customer Match list for TrueView
  • Add the email addresses to keyword targeting
  • Assign a Floodlight tag to an audience list in Campaign Manager
  • Create a Custom Affinity audience list

13. Which Ad Format Supports Pre-Bid Verification With Integral Ad Science?

  • Display
  • Bumpers
  • TrueView
  • Mobile app

14. Where Can A Preferred Deal Be Assigned?

  • In the line item’s audience targeting
  • In the line item’s inventory source targeting
  • In the partner settings, under inventory source
  • In the line item’s creative assignment

15. What Is One Way To Control Ad Frequencies Across Multiple Insertion Orders?

  • Create insertion order budget segments
  • Set campaign-level frequency caps
  • Assign a frequency cap to each creative
  • Set recency targeting

16. What Report Can Identify When A Campaign Overspent The Budget?

  • A Verification report, grouped by “Advertiser Currency”
  • Basic or Standard report, grouped by “Time of Day”
  • An Inventory Availability report grouped by “Time of Day”
  • A SDF report based on the insertion order and line items

17. What Report Can Help Verify If Pixels Load Correctly On A Webpage?

  • Reach
  • Floodlight
  • Gross Rating Points
  • Inventory Availability

18. What Report Shows The Number Of Unique Users For A Specific Website?

  • Page-Category
  • Inventory Availability
  • Audience Composition
  • Standard

19. What Step Would Be Taken To Verify That Conversion Pixels Are Implemented And Load Correctly?

  • Generate a pixel load report grouped by the conversion pixel(s)
  • Generate a Unique Reach report and include Cookie Reach: Average Impression Frequency
  • Generate a Standard or General report and include conversion metrics
  • Check the line item performance metrics for conversions greater than zero

20. When Creating A New TrueView Campaign, How Long Should Be Allocated For Creative Review?

  • Up to 12 hours
  • Up to 2 hours
  • Up to 24 hours
  • Up to 6 hours

21. What Feature Allows Users To Adjust Fixed Bids For Different Geographies Or Device Types?

  • Viewability targeting
  • Partner revenue model
  • Bid multipliers
  • Recency targeting

22. What Inventory Sources Allow For Exclusive Publisher Partnerships?

  • Automatic Deals and preferred deals
  • Automatic Deals and private auctions
  • Exchanges and preferred deals
  • Preferred deals and private auctions

23. What Data Cannot Be Evaluated With A Standard Or General Performance Report?

  • Clicks and conversions for individual creatives
  • Impressions and eCPM by website
  • The match ratio of third- and first-party audience segments
  • Viewability metrics across each IO and line item

24. What Is The Correct Display & Video 360 Account Hierarchy?

  • Partner > Advertiser > Campaign > Insertion order > Line item > Creative
  • Insertion order > Partner > Line > Advertiser
  • Partner > Campaign > Advertiser > Insertion order > Line item > Creative
  • Account > Line item > Advertiser > Insertion order > Partner

25. What Step Should Be Taken To Assign An Advertiser To A Preferred Deal When Creating A New Inventory Source?

  • Add the advertiser’s name to the inventory access field
  • Check that the advertiser has been automatically added to the line item’s deal
  • Ask the publisher to activate the deal in Display & Video 360’s insertion order
  • Assign the advertiser using a Google form

26. How Can A Profit Margin Be Applied To The Revenue Metric?

  • Assign the pixel to a line item’s conversion tracking
  • Add a column and manually calculate revenue
  • Assign a media cost markup to the partner revenue model
  • Add a percent markup in the billing profile

27. When Is A “View” Counted For TrueView Campaigns?

  • Each time the user watches at least two seconds of the video.
  • Each time Active View recognizes TrueView
  • Each time the user clicks or watches 30 seconds or the entire video
  • Each time a video’s screen is 50% viewable on the page

28. What Format Cannot Share A Frequency Cap With Other Media Formats?

  • Native
  • Video
  • Display
  • TrueView

29. What Should Be Used To Investigate Why A Line Item Isn’t Winning The Majority Of Qualifying Open Auction Impressions?

  • The “Line Item Settings” CSV
  • A General or Standard report grouped by channel
  • The Inventory Marketplace forecast
  • The line item’s impressions lost chart

30. To Activate The Creative Approvals Process For A New Creative, What Step Must Be Taken?

  • Set the creative to active
  • Resubmit the creative for approval
  • Upload the creative to Display & Video 360
  • Assign the creative to an active line item

31. What Hierarchy Levels Are Required To Permission And Link A YouTube Channel To Run TrueView?

  • Campaign and Advertiser
  • Advertiser and Insertion Order
  • Partner and Insertion Order
  • Partner and Advertiser

32. What Line Items Are Impacted By Insertion Order Default Targeting?

  • TrueView line items
  • All current line items
  • Only video line items
  • New line items only, not current line items

33.For Deals, Which Tool Can Be Used To Identify If The Correct Creative Sizes Are Sent With The Bid Request?

  • YouTube Programmatic Guaranteed reporting
  • Creative status field
  • TAdvertiser’s History
  • Deals Troubleshooter

34. How Can A Site Be Blacklisted From An Advertiser’s Media Buys?

  • Add the URL to the advertiser’s URL field
  • Use the audience composition report and exclude audiences that visit that site
  • Identify the website’s key phrases and use them in keyword exclusion targeting
  • Add the URL to a channel that is assigned to the advertiser’s exclusionary channel targeting

35. When Users Make Changes To A Line Item Or Insertion Order, Where Are Those Changes Displayed?

  • In the Partner’s Basic Details
  • In the downloadable Structured Data File
  • In the left panel after searching for the user name
  • Under Change History in the change log

36. What Insertion Order Settings Must Be Set Before A Campaign Can Go Live?

  • Bids and creatives
  • Bid multipliers and goals
  • Budgets and flight dates
  • Auto-budget allocation and targeting

37. How Can A Creative Be Submitted For Audit After It’s Been Rejected And Fixed?

  • Select the creative and select “Activate”
  • Assign the creative to another line item
  • Select the creative and click “Resubmit for approval”
  • On the Creative’s page, click the refresh button.

38. What Does An Audit Status Of “Pending, Servable” Mean?

  • The creative will not serve for 24 hours
  • The creative will serve, but is prohibited due to unsuitable content
  • The creative will serve, but may be rejected after policy review
  • The creative will not serve until resubmitted for approval

39. Which Two Settings Can Be Edited In Campaign Settings? (Select Two)

  • Bidding Strategy
  • Creative
  • Frequency caps
  • Campaign goal

40. To Optimize The Campaign Towards Viewability, Which Two Approaches Can An Advertiser Take? (Select Two)

  • Add a pixel to the Default tag in Campaign Manager
  • Only target inventory displayed on mobile apps
  • Assign viewability targeting
  • Set the bid strategy to viewable CPM (vCPM)

41. What Steps Should Be Taken At The Advertiser Level To Run TrueView?

  • Enable TrueView in Advertiser settings
  • Link the YouTube video
  • Link the YouTube channel
  • Enter the channel code in Advertiser settings

42. What Is A Benefit Of Linking A YouTube Channel To The Advertiser In Display & Video 360?

  • Access to YouTube masthead inventory
  • Availability to frequency caps on all media buys across YouTube and other exchanges
  • Access to Floodlight tag tracking without using dynamic pixels
  • Access to earned metrics, like shares, and channel subscribers

43. How Is The Daily Budget Calculated For An Insertion Order With Flight Even Pacing?

  • The campaign’s budget, minus the flight budget spent, divided by the number of days remaining
  • The remaining flight budget divided by the number of days remaining
  • The flight budget divided by the number of remaining days and multiplied by 1.5
  • The remaining flight budget multiplied by the number of days remaining

44. What Are Two Ways To Check Why A Private Deal Is Not Running? (Select Two)

  • Search the history logs for the deal
  • Use the Deals Troubleshooter
  • Check the creative approval status
  • Generate an Audience Composition report

45. What Step Should Be Taken To View Performance Data For Targeted Audience Segments?

  • Generate an audience performance report and select “include only targeted audience lists”
  • Go into the insertion orders default targeting and use the potential reach metric
  • Generate an audience composition report and filter for line items targeting audiences
  • Generate an Inventory Availability report and filter by all targeted audiences.

46. How Are Line Items Affected When A User Edits The Default Targeting For Insertion Orders?

  • New line items inherit the new default targeting and existing line items inherit edits to default geotargeting
  • New and existing line items inherit the new insertion order targeting
  • Existing line items are uneffected and new line items inherit the new default targeting
  • Existing and new line items apply the original default targeting

47. Where Can An Advertiser Set Their Campaign Goal?

  • Partner Settings
  • Insertion Order Default Targeting
  • Campaign Settings
  • Line Item Basic Details

48. What Timezone Is Applied To Inline Charts And Metrics Data?

  • US Eastern timezone
  • US Pacific Timezone
  • The advertiser’s timezone
  • The user’s timezone

49. How Can A Campaign Be Activated After Creating It?

  • Submit an IO to your support agent
  • Upload a campaign Structured Data File with “Live” in the status column
  • Select the Activate dropdown for the campaign, line items, and insertion orders
  • Set the campaign’s start date to “Today”

50. Which Ad Formats Cannot Be Assigned To A Single Line Item? (Select Two)

  • VPAID and VAST
  • Video and Display
  • TrueView and Video
  • Image and HTML5

51. Which Campaign Setting Impacts How The Associated Insertion Orders Deliver?

  • Planned spend
  • Performance goal
  • Frequency capping
  • Campaign name

52. When Creating New Video Line Items, What Are Two Execution Methods That Save Time? (Select Two)

  • Convert display line items to video line items, then make inline adjustments to targeting
  • Use Structured Data Files to bulk upload new video line items
  • Duplicate video line items, then make bulk edits to targeting
  • Use the audience composition report, then exclude audiences that visit that site

53. Which Two Objectives Can Be Selected As A Campaign Goal? (Select Two)

  • Behavioral audience targeting
  • Drive offline or in-store sales
  • Raise awareness of my brand or product
  • Remarket to existing customers

54. When Targeting A Private Deal With A News Publisher That Constantly Refreshes The Text On The Page, Which Targeting Should Be Avoided?

  • Time and Day
  • Geography
  • Keyword
  • Demographics

55. What Are Two Ways To Troubleshoot A Non-Spending Line Item? (Select Two)

  • Check the creative approval status
  • Check the line item’s Impression lost chart
  • Adjust the partner revenue model
  • Confirm that media fees are invoiced

56. Which Three Settings Could Prevent Deals From Meeting Their Ad-Serving Goals? (Select Three)

  • Brand safety and sensitive category targeting
  • Geotargeting and bid strategies
  • Demographics and audience targeting
  • VAST and VPAID creatives that are approved

57. How Can A Line Item’s Potential Reach Be Increased From 1K To 1M Targeted Impressions?

  • Add targeting such as channel and environment
  • Add budget segments to the insertion order
  • Remove targeting such as keywords and exclusionary site lists
  • Increase the bid and budget

58. What Step Should Be Taken To Determine Which Creatives Had The Lowest ECPM Over The Last Month?

  • Generate an Audience Composition report grouped by audience with the CPM metric selected
  • Generate an Inventory Availability report grouped by site and multiply average CPM by frequency
  • Generate a Standard report grouped by creative with the eCPM metric selected
  • Go into the creative section for the advertiser and compare the inline metrics for eCPM

59. At What Levels Can Pacing Be Set?

  • Line item and ad group
  • Campaign and insertion order
  • Insertion order and line item
  • Campaign and line item

60. What Is One Benefit Of Applying “Auto Budget Allocation” To An Insertion Order’s Budget Settings?

  • The system automatically provides budget suggestions to the Quality metrics
  • The system will apply new budgets based on the insertion order’s goal
  • The system automatically moves budget to higher performing line items
  • Budget segments will automatically actualize and allocate to future segments

61. What Are Two Google Audiences? (Select Two)

  • First-party
  • In Market
  • Affinity
  • Third-party

62. What Step Should Be Taken To Configure A Programmatic Guaranteed Deal Once Negotiations Are Complete?

  • Select the deal from the the insertion order’s Inventory Source targeting
  • Find the deal in Marketplace and assign the creative
  • In My Inventory, find the deal and select configure
  • Add the Deal ID in the advertiser’s Basic Details

63. What Ad Format Cannot Run With Even Pacing Set On The Insertion Order?

  • Display
  • Video
  • TrueView
  • Native

64. What Is The Difference Between Programmatic Guaranteed Deals And Preferred Deals?

  • Programmatic Guaranteed deals are imcompatible with conversion pixels
  • Preferrred deals do not allow targeting edits in Display & Video 360
  • Programmatic Guaranteed deals have required minimum spend
  • Preferred deals have required minimum spend

65. How Are Creatives Assigned To A Line Item?

  • In the line item’s settings, search and select the correct 1×1 pixel
  • Bulk upload a creative spreadsheet in the advertiser’s creative section
  • Select the creative to assign in the line item’s creative section
  • While setting up a new creative for the advertiser, assign the line item and click Save

66. How Can A Group Of URLs Be Excluded Across Advertisers?

  • Contact support to exclude the list of URLs
  • Upload an Inventory Availability report into the line item’s verification settings
  • Create a channel of URLs and exclude it in advertiser or partner-level targeting
  • Cross-match a group of URLs with their sensitive categories and block them in Brand Safety targeting

67. What Is The Result Of Using A VPAID Tag Instead Of A VAST Tag When Running Video Ads?

  • Less available inventory across all devices
  • More available inventory across all devices
  • The ability to run on TrueView inventory
  • Less functionality for engagement and interaction with ad

68. What Step Should An Advertiser Take To Exclude Sensitive Categories Using A Supported Third-Party Verification Tool?

  • Select the integrated third-party from “Other Verification Services” in Brand Safety targeting
  • Upload the categories into Campaign Manager’s Verification system
  • Implement tracking tags with 1×1 pixels that call the third-party’s verification system
  • Contact support with a list of the categories that need to be excluded using a specific third-party verification service

69. Which Exchanges Have Their Own Creative Audit Process?

  • AppNexus, Google Ads Manager, BrightRoll
  • Every exchange has its own creative audit process
  • Google Ads Manager only
  • AdRoll, Pubmatic, Rubicon

70. To Duplicate A Line Item, What Steps Must Be Taken?

  • Select the line item, click “Action,” and then “Duplicate”
  • Select the line item, click “Action,” and then “Download”
  • Select the line item, click “Action,” and then “Bulk Edit”
  • Use the default targeting to duplicate line items

71. Which Two Pacing Scenarios Represent Spend-Behavior That’s Working As Intended? (Select Two)

  • Ahead pacing line item spends 120% of its expected daily spend
  • ASAP pacing line item spends the entire budget within the first couple of hours
  • Even pacing line item spends 200% up front then evens out by the end of the month
  • Even pacing line item overspends in the first six hours, and then pauses insertion order spend

72. What Percentage Of The Daily Budget Is Applied When Using “Ahead” Pacing?

  • 120% of the daily budget, based on the flight dates
  • 150% of the budget, based on budget segments and KPIs
  • 200% of the daily budget, based on inventory
  • It’s not a specific percentage, it’s soley based on performance

73. Where Are Video Ads Hosted For A TrueView Campaign?

  • On the advertiser’s public YouTube channel
  • On Campaign Manager
  • Through a third-party video hosting tool
  • On Display & Video 360 using a 1×1 pixel and a Native ad tag

74. Which Two Insertion Order And Line Item Settings Are Required? (Select Two)

  • Pacing
  • Budget
  • Automated bid strategy
  • Auto Budget Allocation

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