Creative Certification Exam Answers

Creative Certification Exam Answers

This list of Creative Certification Exam Questions and Answers 2021 will help you.

1. What feature can be used to target multiple columns in a feed one at a time?

  • Rotation priority
  • Trafficking rules
  • Prioritized rules
  • Feed priority

2. Which two options must be true to use open optimization? (select two)

  • More than one row in the feed must be eligible to serve
  • In “Step 3: Manage Rules” rotation must be set to “Optimized”
  • Only one row in the feed must be eligible to be served
  • The dynamic feed must include a row with “optimize” in the cell

3. What tool makes it possible to preview a creative on a mobile device that’s linked to a Studio account?

  • Creative Preview app
  • QA Helper extension
  • Google Web Designer
  • IAB VAST tag tool

4. Echo remarketing uses dynamic content from what source?

  • A feed
  • The creative code
  • Custom Floodlight variables
  • Dynamic rules

5. What dynamic strategy uses a naming convention to replace numeric Campaign Manager IDs?

  • Display & Video 360 line item filtering
  • Data pass
  • Dynamic targeting keys
  • Remarketing

6. Where are dynamic profiles located?

  • In Advertisers under Advertiser association
  • In the Creatives tab when viewing a dynamic creative
  • In the Dynamic Content tab next to advertiser name
  • In the Assets tab under Account Details

7. The HTML5 Enabler should be added to which tag in a creative’s HTML file?

  • body
  • head
  • script
  • div

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