Search Ads 360 Certification Exam Answers

Search Ads 360 Certification Exam Questions and Answers

This list of Search Ads 360 Certification Exam Questions and Answers 2022

1. What configuration setting eliminates duplicate conversions between advertisers?

  • Revenue
  • Shared Floodlight configuration
  • Counter
  • Action

2. What is shown in the “Last sync” details tab? (select two)

  • A list of campaigns modified
  • The time that the sync occurred
  • A list of error types
  • The number of errors during the sync

3. Which three features can be used to integrate offline conversion data?(select three)

  • sFTP
  • Bulksheets
  • Search Ads 360 API
  • Google Data Studio

4. When Campaign Manager isn’t used as the ad server, what should Search Ads 360 advertisers link to in Campaign Manager?

  • Advertiser
  • Campaign
  • Placement
  • Publisher

5. When setting a CPA, ERS, or ROAS target for a bid strategy, how much conversion history should be considered?

  • 3-4 weeks
  • 2 weeks
  • 3 months
  • 1 week

6. At which three levels can bid strategies be applied? (select three)

  • Keyword
  • Ad group
  • Agency
  • Campaign

7. What two Floodlight activity group types can be set up? (select two)

  • Counter
  • Metric
  • Sales
  • Dimension

8. What metrics estimate conversions that measure user behavior across devices and environments?

  • clicks
  • cost
  • Cross-environment metrics
  • Visits

9. What function do ValueTrack parameters perform?

  • Dynamically insert information
  • Create custom date segmentation
  • Automatically sync to Google Tag Manager
  • Track additional conversion types

10. Which three features can a call-tracking partner use to send data to Search Ads 360? (select three)

  • Campaign Manager API
  • Bulksheets
  • Custom Variables
  • Search Ads 360 API

11. During the first week of an active bid strategy, which two changes can potentially impact the learning period? (select two)

  • Decrease bidding portfolio by 1 low-performing keyword
  • Decrease maximum bid in the bid strategy setting 40%
  • Decrease CPA target of bid strategy 60%
  • Increase bidding portfolio by 2 new keywords

12. Which three changes can a user set up using scheduled edits? (select three)

  • Lower bids on keywords during weekends
  • Raise bids on keywords every Monday at 7am
  • Activate a new bid strategy
  • Activate ads or keywords at a specific time

13. What Floodlight tag measures purchases and revenue on a website?

  • Action
  • Revenue
  • Transaction
  • Counter

14. What are two key differentiators in functionality between labels and business data?

  • Ability to report at the campaign level
  • Ability to pivot metrics within Search Ads 360
  • Ability to attach a business calendar
  • Ability to pause biddable items

15. Data Exclusion events exclude data for a minimum of how many hours?

  • 2 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 8 hours

16. Which three frequencies can be scheduled for reports? (select three)

  • Hourly
  • Monthly
  • Daily
  • Weekly

17. Which attribute may be used to upload paid search offline conversions via the Campaign Manager API?

  • Keyword
  • Campaign ID
  • Match Type

18. What action should be used to pass a conversion attribute (such as shipping cost)?

  • Set up Custom Floodlight Variable using bulksheets
  • Set up Custom Floodlight Variable using the relevant engine frontend
  • Set up an additional Floodlight tag and pass the shipping cost through the revenue field
  • Set up Custom Floodlight Variable as a metric

19. Which two changes does an advertiser manager have permission to make to an advertiser account? (select two)

  • Edit advertiser settings
  • Remove user access to an agency’s advertisers
  • Edit advertiser components
  • Edit all advertisers within an agency

20. What could prevent Inventory Management from making changes to a campaign?

  • Edits to ad rotation settings
  • Manual edits to campaign name or status
  • Edits to campaign bids or bid strategies
  • Manual edits to keyword URL templates

21. What type of bid strategy is supported by the forecasting tool?

  • Position
  • Max clicks
  • Conversions or Revenue
  • Rules

22. What feature provides audience lists to Display & Video 360 or Google Ads based on search clicks recorded by Search Ads 360?

  • Remarketing lists
  • Search Ads 360 API
  • Attribution
  • Google Ads API

23. What feature may be used to report on a specific Floodlight conversion? • Custom Metric

  • Custom Metric
  • Custom Column
  • Custom Dimension
  • Business data

24. What occurs when auto-tagging is enabled?

  • A Google click ID is appended to all landing page URLs
  • A label is added to all Google Ads campaigns
  • A scheduled edit is created for all Google Ads campaigns
  • A Google Click ID is reported in the budget pacing report

25. What feature may be used to edit custom Floodlight variable data?

  • Text Editor
  • Google Ads API
  • Search Ads 360 API
  • Bulksheets

26. Which two conversion sources can be reported in custom columns? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Floodlight
  • Bing Conversion Trackers
  • Google Ads Conversion Trackers
  • Gemini Conversion Trackers

27. What attribution model assigns all credit to the last click on a paid search ad before a conversion?

  • Data-Driven
  • Position-based
  • Last paid search interaction
  • First interaction

28. Which two constraints can an advertiser select on their conversion-based bid strategies? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Impression share
  • Max CPA
  • Position
  • Profit

29. Which two methods can be used to send an Executive report to a user with no access to Search Ads 360? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Executive reports can’t be sent to a user with no access to Search Ads 360
  • Deliver daily file to shared sFTP
  • Link to a shared version of the generated report
  • Send a downloaded PDF or Excel file

30. Which two column categories appear in formula columns? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Engine metrics
  • Creation time
  • Search impr share
  • Conversion metrics

31. What feature is used to track unsupported ad types that specify their own landing page or Google Display Network and Gmail promoted campaigns?

  • Landing page test
  • Rules
  • Placeholder keyword
  • Business data

32. If an engine account is set to a different currency than an advertiser, metrics will appear in what currency when scoped to the engine level?

  • Ad group’s currency
  • Billing currency
  • Advertiser’s currency
  • Engine’s currency

33. What does it mean when the “Stop sync” button is greyed out?

  • The engine account is paused.
  • The sync is applying updates.
  • The sync is complete.
  • The engine type is “Other.

34. Bulksheets can be used to complete which two tasks? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Create labels
  • Upload offline conversions
  • Generate formula columns in bulk
  • Upload custom Floodlight variable data

35. How often is Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Baidu data refreshed in Search Ads 360?

  • 8 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 2 hours

36. What level should be used to evaluate performance of a bid strategy?

  • Bid strategy
  • Individual ad
  • Individual keyword
  • Individual campaign

37. Which level’s settings CANNOT be edited with bulksheets? (select two)

  • Advertiser
  • Network
  • Ad Group
  • Campaign

38. When a reporting view is saved, who has access to the view?

  • All users within that advertiser
  • Select users within that advertiser
  • No users within that advertiser
  • Only users with edit access within that advertiser

39. Which three items can a bid strategy consider when optimizing the performance of a bidding portfolio as a whole? (select three)Select All Correct Responses

  • Keywords / Product Groups
  • Ad groups
  • Agency
  • Campaigns

40. Which three requirements must be met to run a successful ad copy test? (select three)Select All Correct Responses

  • Each ad must contain only one landing page URL
  • Minimum number of required impressions for each ad group
  • All keywords and engines must be paused
  • Ads must only include one ad copy test at a time

41. Which two methods can be used to pass conversion attributes such as model type, color, and year of production through a Floodlight activity? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Set up a Custom Dimension in Google Analytics
  • It is not possible to pass conversion attributes
  • Set up a custom Floodlight variable in Google Tag Manager
  • Set up a custom Floodlight variable as a dimension in Search Ads 360

42. Which three modifiers can be automated by a bid strategy? (select three)Select All Correct Responses

  • Location target bid adjustments
  • Mobile bid adjustments
  • Search impression share bid adjustments
  • Remarketing target bid adjustments

43. At which two levels can URL Templates be set up? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Campaigns
  • Advertiser
  • Engine
  • Agency

44. Which two types of uploads can be made through an sFTP endpoint? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Bulksheets
  • Conversions
  • Google Search history
  • Inventory management feeds

45. When a Search Ads 360 advertiser is linked to Campaign Manager, which product sets the timezone?

  • Campaign Manager
  • Display & Video 360
  • Search Ads 360
  • Each product uses separate time zones

46. What step would be taken to check if an inventory management template has created any entities?

  • Check the template’s progress bar
  • Filter for errors in the reporting dashboard
  • Create an Executive Report with no filters
  • Apply an “Inventory template ID” filter

47. If bids on keywords in a bid strategy are manually overwritten, how long will it take for the bid strategy to resume bidding on those keywords?

  • 1 hour
  • 6 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 12 hours

48. Which three URLs are involved in a landing page test? (select three)Select All Correct Responses

  • Rule
  • Experiment
  • Control
  • Original

49. In what order should new entities be created (assuming no campaigns already exist)?

  • Campaign > Ad Group > Ad > Keyword
  • Keyword > Ad Group > Campaign
  • Keyword > Campaign > Ad Group
  • Ad Group > Keyword > Campaign

50. What permissions are needed to create an advertiser?

  • Read-only
  • Advertiser viewer
  • Agency Manager
  • Advertiser user (edit access)

51. When a Search Ads 360 advertiser is added with a different currency than the linked Campaign Manager advertiser, which product sets the currency for that Search Ads 360 advertiser?

  • Each product uses separate currencies
  • Search Ads 360
  • Campaign Manager
  • Display & Video 360

52. What setting should be applied to a Floodlight tag passing offline conversion data?

  • Dynamic tag
  • Image tag only
  • Primary source is offline
  • Primary source is retail

53. What is the Search Ads 360 account hierarchy?

  • Agency > Advertiser > Engine > Campaign > Ad Group > Ad > Keyword
  • Agency > Advertiser > Engine > Campaign > Keyword
  • Advertiser > Engine > Campaign >Keyword
  • Agency > Advertiser > Engine > Campaign > Keyword > Ad Group > Ad

54. What conversion data can be uploaded using bulksheets?

  • Google Analytics goal data
  • Google Ads conversions data
  • Offline conversion data
  • Custom Floodlight variable data

55. At which three levels can automated rules be set up? (select three)Select All Correct Responses

  • Agency
  • Engines
  • Campaigns
  • Keywords

56. Which three engines are supported by the Search Ads 360 API? (select three)Select All Correct Responses

  • Bing
  • Gemini
  • com
  • Google Ads

57. Where can a saved web query be found?

  • In the left-hand menu, click Budget Management, then Web Query
  • In the right-hand menu, Click Advertiser Settings, then Web Query
  • In the right-hand menu, click Attribution, then Web Query
  • In the left-hand menu, click Downloads then Web Query

58. If an engine account is set to a different timezone than an advertiser, in which timezone will Floodlight metrics appear when scoped to the advertiser level?

  • Campaign Manager’s timezone
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • The advertiser’s timezone
  • The engine’s timezones

59. Which two types of campaigns do bid strategy opportunities analyze? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Gemini manual campaigns
  • Bing Ads manual campaigns
  • Google Ads manual campaigns
  • Google Ads App campaigns

60. Which three landing page tests are available in Search Ads 360? (select three)Select All Correct Responses

  • Desktop landing page test
  • Mobile landing page test
  • All devices landing page test
  • Segment landing page test

61. What bid strategy goal should be used to create a custom strategy with multiple ERS, ROAS, and CPA targets?

  • Position
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Conversion
  • Clicks

62. Which two filters are available in the change history report? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Creation date
  • Geo
  • Campaign
  • Change Type

63. Which two conversion sources can be selected in bid strategies? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Floodlight
  • Google Analytics
  • Bing Universal Event Tracking
  • Google Tag Manager goals

64. Campaigns can only be copied within the same engine account for which two engines? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Social
  • Bing Ads
  • adMarketplace
  • Yahoo Gemini

65. What is the default attribution model for Floodlight?

  • Last Impression
  • First interaction
  • Last Click
  • First Click

66. Which two segments CANNOT be applied to reporting data? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • User ID
  • Business data
  • Device type
  • Attribution model

67. Which two features may be used to upload offline conversion data to a Search Ads 360 keyword ID? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Google Ads API
  • Campaign Manager API
  • Bulk sheets
  • Search Ads 360 API

68. Which two user types can activate the conversion API? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Agency manager
  • Advertiser user
  • Agency user
  • Advertiser manager

69. Which two types of goals can be targeted in Bid Strategies? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Conversion
  • Profit Margin
  • Business data
  • Revenue

70. What happens when an engine is paused?

  • Ad groups and keywords are paused
  • All campaigns are paused
  • Active campaigns are paused
  • Syncs are paused from the engine

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