Organic SEO Vs Paid SEO (PPC)

Organic SEO Vs Paid SEO (PPC)

Are you confused with choosing organic SEO or PPC for your business? Well, it is quite natural for business owners to get into such situations. This seems to be a minor confusion; however, the solution to this confusion is not.

As an SEO company in Bhopal, we have come across several businesses who question us if they should go for SEO or PPC. This answer to this question is not simple as there are many deciding factors, such as your business goals, your business domain, your current situation and that’s just the beginning.

Of course, being the best SEO Company in Bhopal, we would consider Search Engine Optimization to be of importance. Our decades of experience in SEO demonstrate that, if done correctly, SEO can drive much more value to your business than a PPC campaign.

Then again, SEO takes a considerable amount of time to be fruitful. Whereas PPC can offer instant results if the campaign has been setup rightly.


There are mainly two things that set SEO apart from PPC. The first difference is that PPC will cost you some amount of money whenever someone clicks on your link and the second is that PPC ads appear at the top of organic SEO results.

Pros of SEO


The visibility of your business website for a set of your keywords makes your potential customers aware of your business, and this increases brand awareness.


Search terms and information requests relevant to your industry will put your business website in front of your potential customers, and this may have a definite brand advantage that will generate more sales. With SEO, your business can turn into an authoritative voice around a specific topic.

Cost per click (PPC)

Organic search traffic is free ... in a way. It will take time and money to develop this visibility, but you will not be charged for every impression or clicks on your website.

Pros of PPC

Position on the page

With PPC, your advertisement will be placed at the top of organic search results.

Improved ads

PPC provides you with complete control to deliver your marketing messages to your potential customers. You can frame your advertisements with several extensions, such as Calls, locations, links to sites, prices and markers.


PPC offers a laser path to target your potential customers. PPC campaign allows you to target your potential customers by keywords, time and day of the week, location, language, device, and much more. By comparison, SEO traffic is much more random.


The answer to this question relies entirely on the condition of your business and market competition. If you are a small business owner targeting only local customers, SEO would be the best option for you.