SEO Tips for Optimizing Title Tag

SEO Tips for Optimizing Title Tag

What is a Title Tag?

A title tag is a HTML Meta tag element that is used to define the title of a page of a website. It is used to brief out about the contents of a web page.

So, why are Title Tags important for a website?

Title Tags play a vital role in all the areas of SEO. Some of the reasons why Title Tags are important are:

  • Web browsers show the website’s Title Tag: Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera shows the title of the website that is displayed on the tabs.
  • Search Engines show website’s Title Tag: If a person searches something and that matches with one of your web page, then it is displayed in the search results and thus, the blue line that us displayed is the title tag.
  • Names of files include Title Tag: When a user saves a web page, the default name of the page is saved as the Title Tag.
  • Web pages shared on social networks include Title Tags: When a user shares a web page on one of the social networking sites, then by default, Title Tag of the web page is also displayed.

What are the tips for optimizing Title Tag Optimization?

Here are some of the tips which will enhance the SEO for your website.

  • For website’s home page, use brand names at the beginning of the Title Tag. However, for the internal pages, you can use brand names at the end.
  • It is considered good for SEO if you are entering your keywords at beginning of Title Tags. The reason for this is search engine quickly reads the Title Tags and then enhances the overall SEO performance.
  • You can also try for using long-tail keywords like your competitor’s might be using as it would improve your site’s position in the SERPs.
  • Also, you can use synonym for the keywords that have low competition rates. Search engines can easily identify them on the basis of other SEO factors.
  • Use pipes for separating terms instead of commas as it would look clean in the search results. This also improves usability.
  • Don’t use same page titles for all your internal pages. Use unique and relevant page titles.

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