Quick Tips to Enhance the Accessibility of the Websites

Responsive Web Design

Web development is not a piece of cake. Developing a website, will also cover some other areas including SEO, branding, responsive designs, quality content, how web page appears to the audience and many more. The important feature is most of the time is overlooked by most of the people; the main misconception is that website is developed for smooth accessibility not for visually pleasing. A worthy website design is measured on two factors one is good visual look and smooth accessibility concerns.  Undoubtedly, it is really important to access relevant information from one place and reach to everyone.

Any website which adhere to the easy access guideline that can improve the traffic on it, earn more revenue with the flavor of responsiveness of website and inclusiveness in it. Adding such amazing features in the site will improve its appeal to their users. When you are going to develop a new website or updating or modifying the earlier one, one thing is always keep in mind that is the accessibility of the website to everyone. It should be the part of web designing, regardless the topic of it.

There are few important tips, they are mentioned underneath of this article-

# Selection of colors:  Many people are color blind, so make sure that you are going to choose right color combination for background and content. Besides color selection, a worthy design is also important.

# Quality description: On every website you see the relevant information on every page of that site. It leaves a positive impact on your website as well as visitor.

# Provide alternate option:  There are some few contents that are accessible to only few people, not to everyone. Nevertheless, if it is possible in some special cases, then must provide the alternative content for your specially impaired visitors. For instance, if you share a video on any topic, along with this, you have to provide the written description also for your impaired audience.

# Easy use of “Tab” key: Make sure, you will design your site with the “tab” key familiar. Tab movement might be useful for specially impaired person and also help for common people who are in a hurry, or on that time when your mouse will not working, accordingly. A well functioned tab index is easy to navigate in a simpler and better user experience.

# Use of “ALT” text: If you are going to insert “ALT text”, it can improve the visibility of your website on the SERP and provides better audience also. These factors are going to play crucial role in the lives of specially impaired audience and through it they can easily use your site, in a better way.

All these above factors will definitely enhance the accessibility of your website.