Rajesh Rajora Case Study

Rajesh Rajora Case Study

One thing that can stop a business doing well is a bad review or a poor online reputation. Online Reputation Management or commonly referred to as ORM has become a key player in Digital marketing today. Whether it is a business, brand or a person it is must that results for your searches should appear positive only.

Dr. Rajesh Rajora ORM

Dr. Rajesh Rajora is IAS, Principal Secretary, Depts. of Agriculture, Horticulture and Food Processing, Government of Madhya Pradesh. He is famous for his Watershed Management efforts and a book written by him.


When anyone searches Rajesh Rajora over internet, there were many negative results in SERP that come from news sites and blog sites.


After reviewing and analyzing the negative results, we immediately:

  • Created excellent personal content and published on various targeted Profile sites.
  • Quickly developed personal blogs too for the owner.
  • Created Social Media Profiles and started updating informative content.
  • Uploaded many videos and optimized it over YouTube and other video platforms.
  • Developed a website having 5-6 webpages so that it can get a better place in top 10 results and can outrank a negative link.
  • Posted Articles on various sites to create backlinks and let Google know which links can be better options in SERP for Rajesh Rajora keyword.

ORM is very tough in terms of getting positive results and thus for us too it took time, but our team is hard working, professional and dedicated so never turned back, just does what we can do. Finally the negative link was pushed down in about six months and one link that was so hard to outrank was removed in 8 months when our ORM work got importance by the Google.  

So, we can say if there is a ORM to be done for any website, any business or person it needs to be calm and keep patience. Good work pays off, but it takes time.